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Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

The Truth About Color in Digital Pathology

| Sponsored by FFEI

The latest thinking in the area of color fidelity in digital pathology.

Subspecialties Oncology

Multidimensional Multiplexing for Spatially Resolved Immune Tumor Heterogeneity

| Sponsored by Ultivue

The relevance to understand the entire tumor heterogeneity, its immune environment and contextual relationship requires the spatial quantification of different immune and tumor cells...

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Experience & results from using INIFY Prostate Screening –in the fully digitalized pathology workflow at Cannizzaro hospital Italy

| Sponsored by ContextVision

Dr Filippo Fraggetta shares his experience and clinical results of using INIFY Prostate Screening in the fully digitalized workflow at Cannizzaro hospital, Catania, Italy.

Inside the Lab Technology and innovation

Advanced structural analysis of risk loci for congenital diaphragmatic hernia using optical genome mapping technology

| Sponsored by Bionano Genomics

In this webinar, Dr. Frances High will explore how she used Bionano’s Saphyr system for optical genome mapping to analyze structural variations in a large cohort of patients with CDH and their parents.

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Opportunities and challenges with comprehensive genomic profiling: the right solution for the right question

| Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific

In this webinar, our speakers will discuss the benefits of CGP and how this technique is utilized in their lab.

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Digital Pathology – An Industry Perspective

| Sponsored by Aurora mScope Inc.

The field of digital pathology (DP) continues to see ongoing innovation, growth and development.

Subspecialties Microbiology and immunology

COVID-19 Multiorgan Study: Spatial Phenotyping of Immune Cell Subsets in Patients with Lethal COVID-19

| Sponsored by Akoya Biosciences

In this webinar, the speakers will describe how they used multiplexed imaging and single-cell analysis to study the immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus across multiple organ systems.

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Comprehensive Opal Multiplex Validation: From Staining to Digital Image Analysis

| Sponsored by Akoya Biosciences

Optimisation and validation of a multiplex immunofluorescence workflow, from staining to digital image analysis, ensures assay robustness and prepares this technology for deployment in clinical trial analysis and in routine diagnostics.

Subspecialties Oncology

Exploring MSI Screening Technologies

| Sponsored by Promega

Microsatellite Instability (MSI)-High has been identified as a biomarker for immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy in cancers originating in different tissues.

Inside the Lab Precision medicine

Decision support software in the NGS oncology workflow

| Sponsored by Roche

An increasing number of clinical laboratories are using next generation sequencing (NGS) for the molecular characterization of cancer.

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Redefining Cancer Treatment: Targeting Gene Fusions

| Sponsored by Invitae

ArcherDX , now Invitae is a leading genomics company democratizing precision oncology.

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

AI-based Digital Diagnostics for the Detection of Prostate Cancer

| Sponsored by Paige

Prostate cancer, the most frequently diagnosed cancer in 105 countries and the leading cause of death in 46 countries worldwide, is diagnosed by core needle biopsy.

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