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Subspecialties Oncology

Two Perspectives: Patient and Hematopathologist Discussion on Importance of CML Monitoring

| Sponsored by Cepheid

Patients diagnosed with CML 20 years ago could live for around five years.

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

The Future of Digital Pathology and AI: Insights from the Global Task Force Leaders

| Sponsored by Leica Biosystems

Leaders of the digital pathology associations in Europe (ESDIP), United States (DPA) and Japan (JDPA) have joined forces to accelerate the adoption of digital pathology.

Inside the Lab Histology

Precise Spatial Multiplexing for Quantitative Single-Cell Phenotyping in Tissues

| Sponsored by Canopy Biosciences

ChipCytometry™ is a novel precise spatial multiplexing imaging platform that combines iterative immuno-fluorescent staining with high-dynamic range imaging to facilitate quantitative phenotyping with single-cell resolution.

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

A More Confident Diagnosis: AI Detection for Breast Lymph Node Metastases

, 14:00 BST | Sponsored by Paige

The spread of breast cancer to lymph nodes is a crucial factor in determining patient outcome and treatment.

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Developing Spatial Signatures – Profiling the Immune Microenvironment in Large Cohorts

| Sponsored by Akoya Biosciences

In this webinar, Dr. Jonathan Nowak and Grady Carlson discuss the application of digital pathology and multiplex imaging to study gastrointestinal cancers with a focus on profiling all cell types in the tumor microenvironment.

Diagnostics Microscopy and imaging

Development of a predictive spatial signature in human tumors using Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging (MIBI)

| Sponsored by IONPATH

Understanding the role of distinct cellular phenotypes in tissue function, development, and pathogenesis requires tools that can rapidly and consistently quantify the expression of multiple proteins while preserving spatial information.

Inside the Lab Laboratory management

The concept of traceability and its impact to laboratory medicine

| Sponsored by Technopath

Traceability strongly affects the post-analytical phase particularly regarding the definition of traceable reference intervals and decision limits, and the pre-analytical phase.

Inside the Lab Cytology

Digital Cytopathology: Is it a curse or a blessing?

, 15:00 CET | Sponsored by Leica Microsystems

As the digital revolution transforms the way cytopathology labs work, the transition can be scary for some

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Spatial mapping and quantification of total gene expression in the tissue context

| Sponsored by 10x Genomics

Assessing gene expression with morphological context is critical to our understanding of biology and the progression of disease.

Diagnostics Laboratory management

Effect of INIFY Prostate on the Performance of Three Independent Pathologists.

| Sponsored by ContextVision

Decision support tools based on machine learning techniques show great promise to support pathologists, ease their ever-increasing workload and improve patient care.

Inside the Lab Laboratory management

Harmonization - an important tool to improve patient safety in laboratory medicine

| Sponsored by Technopath

Aim of this lecture is to provide the current state-of-the art of harmonization in laboratory medicine and further steps to improve better comparability of the laboratory information and better patient safety.

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Pathology's Digital Odyssey

| Sponsored by 10x Genomics

The roundtable will address digital and computational pathology now and in the near future.

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