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November 2014 Issue of The Pathologist

Welcome to the November issue. Our Upfront topics range from detecting cancer with carbon, to profile-building initiatives for ALS. Our cover feature speaks with lab champions about efforts to make global changes, and In Practice reviews the value of morphological data, and lab water woes. We discuss Google’s grand genome plans, and examine a new, inexpensive molecular imaging technique in NextGen. Profession highlights the criticality of collaboration, and we Sit Down With immunotherapy pioneer, Robert Pierce.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Training and education

One For All and All For One

| Fedra Pavlou

Partnership – potential disaster lurks at the first signs of a wobble, but when it’s strong, there are no limits to what it can achieve.

Diagnostics Microbiology and immunology

Stamping Out Antibiotic Resistance

| Roisin McGuigan

Researchers think they may have found a way to defeat superbugs

Outside the Lab Training and education

Research Voices Speak Out on Science Policy

| Michael Schubert

An open letter to European leaders and policymakers garnered nearly 10,000 signatures in less than a week

Subspecialties Neurology

Rabies: the Hijacker in Your Brain

| Michael Schubert

Pioneering rabies research may provide new insights into common neurological disorders

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Exome Expectations

| Roisin McGuigan

Clinical exome sequencing provides high diagnostic accuracy and uncovers over 400 new mutations

Diagnostics Microbiology and immunology

The Six Faces of Streptococcus pneumoniae

| Roisin McGuigan

The multifaceted microbe has been hiding an epigenetic secret

Inside the Lab Oncology

Detecting Cancer with Carbon

| Roisin McGuigan

Initial results suggest that a graphene biochip is faster and more sensitive than ELISA

Outside the Lab Microscopy and imaging

Microscopists Given Greatest Honor

| Michael Schubert

Scientists who developed live cell molecular imaging awarded the Nobel Prize

Outside the Lab Training and education

Five Minutes of Fame?

| Roisin McGuigan

How will the fight to cure ALS benefit from its newfound fame?

Subspecialties Microbiology and immunology

Europe’s Most Wanted

| Roisin McGuigan

Taking a big data approach to current infectious disease research in Europe.

Outside the Lab Profession

Team Laboratory

| Fedra Pavlou

The ‘better together’ approach has proven itself time and again – and the world of laboratory medicine is no different

Outside the Lab Point of care testing

What About POCT?

| Rosy Tirimacco

Whether you support it or feel threatened by it, point of care testing (POCT) has an important role to play in patient care – and its role continues to gain importance.

Inside the Lab Training and education

Supporting Tomorrow’s Leaders

| Pradeep Kumar Dabla

It’s so important that young scientists have the opportunity to make contributions to, and get involved with, programs that support the growth of their specialty field.

Outside the Lab Oncology

The Undisputable Value of Pharmacogenetic Testing

| Ron H. N. van Schaik

Pharmacogenetic testing is escalating in both the number of requests and its importance – these are undisputable facts.

Inside the Lab Hematology

Striving for Global Excellence in Chronic Kidney Disease Testing

| Howard Morris

We set out on a mission when we formed the task force on chronic kidney disease (CKD) – a joint project between the IFCC and World Association of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Inside the Lab Regulation and standards

How Clinically Useful Are Bone Turnover Markers?

Metabolic bone disease is highly prevalent, and although bone turnover marker (BTM) assays have a key role to play in its diagnosis and monitoring, the lack of internationally recognized guidelines for the interpretation of patient results has limited their clinical usefulness.

Inside the Lab Hematology

Time to Standardize Thyroid Function Testing

| Linda Thienpont, Katleen van Uytfanghe

Thyroid disease is a highly prevalent and severe health problem that requires timely diagnosis and disease management.

Outside the Lab Regulation and standards

The IFCC Vision

| Graham Beastall

IFCC President Graham Beastall offers his overarching perspective on the importance of its task forces.

Outside the Lab Training and education

Proving Our Worth

| Mike Hallworth

We know the positive impact that laboratory medicine has on healthcare, but is the general public aware?

Diagnostics Regulation and standards

Traditional Methods with Modern Outcomes

| Tibor Tot

A new prognostic index, combining morphological and molecular parameters, is needed to improve breast cancer guidance

Subspecialties Biochemistry and molecular biology

Water: When Things Go Wrong

| Tim James

When it comes to quality control in your lab, don’t overlook the obvious – contaminated water can lead to a host of problems.

Inside the Lab Microscopy and imaging

CLIC to Enhance

| Sabrina Leslie

Molecular imaging for the normal lab – a simple, cost-effective alternative

Inside the Lab Genetics and epigenetics

The Google Genome

| Michael Schubert

The tech giant’s newest “moonshot” aims to create a complete genomic picture of the healthy human being

Diagnostics Oncology

Collaborate or Cave in?

| Arnaud Roth

Pathologists’ involvement in patient care is changing – are you keeping up?

Diagnostics Microbiology and immunology

Changing the Nature of the Game

| Michael Schubert

Sitting Down With… Robert Pierce, Chief Scientific Officer, OncoSec, San Diego, CA, USA

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

The RNA Revolution

| Sponsored by ACD

A guide to RNA as a biomarker and its detection

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