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Upcoming Webinars

Outside the Lab Profession

Celebration of the Lab

, 14:00 BST | Sponsored by Cleveland Clinic Laboratories

Our second annual celebration of all things pathology and laboratory medicine.

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Embracing Pathology’s Digital Transformation

| Sponsored by Leica Biosystems

Pathologists from the US, Japan and Europe participate in a LIVE panel, to share their expert voices.

Diagnostics Omics

Validating Antibodies for Increasingly Sensitive Quantitative Applications

, 11:00 EDT | Sponsored by Canopy Biosciences

This webinar will dive into a brief history of antibody detection, the current state of detection, and how to validate your fluorescently tagged antibodies.

Diagnostics Biochemistry and molecular biology

Digital Spatial Profiling for Biomarker Discovery – 18,000-plex

| Sponsored by NanoString

This webinar will discuss these approaches to spatial analysis and include an example of both protein and mRNA assessment of tissue using DSP as a biomarker discovery tool.

Diagnostics Biochemistry and molecular biology

Getting Started in Spatial Biology

, 16:00 BST | Sponsored by Miltenyi, Nucleai and NanoString

This forum takes a close look at the value of spatial biology, the technologies involved, and how you and your colleagues can begin using spatial biology techniques in your laboratories.

Outside the Lab Regulation and standards

Illumina - Your partner in the transition to IVDR

| Sponsored by Illumina

Join Illumina for an educational webinar on the new EU IVD Regulation.

Diagnostics Omics

Informing Spatial Biology with Multiplexed Immunofluorescence: A Pathologist’s Perspective

, 12:00 EDT | Sponsored by Ultivue

Register for this webinar to understand Why spatial relationships are important in tumour biology.

Inside the Lab Laboratory management

Lab Automation in Pathology & Genomics: Work Smarter

, 03:00PM BST | Sponsored by Automata

Pathology testing is helping to bring more clarity about disease and treatments to patients across the world. The insights that new techniques bring in this field are time sensitive, yet, these complex workflows often rely heavily on lab staff, repetitive manual steps, and have issues scaling.

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Genomic profiling from initial assessment to detection of measurable residual disease (MRD): how NGS can rapidly deliver key insights for myeloid neoplasms

, 08:00AM PDT | Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Register for this webinar and hear Craig Johnson of Automata discuss how insights from new pathology testing techniques are helping the field to bring more clarity about disease and treatments to patients across the world.

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Hunt for pathogenic variants in Type 2 diabetes through NGS

| Sponsored by Revvity

In this webinar, Dr. Amelie Bonafond will present the current sequencing (via whole-exome sequencing) of all the patients with common T2D visiting the department of Diabetology of Liège Hospital (n > 4000 participants).

Subspecialties Oncology

Intratumoral plasma cells predict outcomes to PD-L1 blockade in non-small cell lung cancer

| Sponsored by Ultivue

Inhibitors of the programmed cell death-1 (PD-1/PD-L1) signaling axis are approved to treat non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. However, most NSCLC patients do not respond to PD-(L)1 blockade as single agents, and intratumoral immune infiltrates involved in the response to these therapies remain poorly characterized.

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Connecting Patients Everywhere to Precision Oncology

, 17:00 CET | Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Genomic profiling in precision oncology is transforming cancer care for your patients.

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