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Diagnostics Analytical science
Picking Your Battles Against Disease

| Jessica Allerton | 3 min read

How advanced analytical techniques are supporting research of Niemann-Pick Type C – and other rare degenerative diseases

Inside the Lab Technology and innovation

Requisite Donations

| Helen Bristow | 5 min read

Expert round table: evolution and ethics in the blood industry

Subspecialties Oncology

Prostate Cancer: A Battle on All Gender Fronts

| Jessica Allerton | 4 min read

Both cis and transgender individuals face invasive screening and diagnostic delays when it comes to prostate cancer – isn’t there a better way?

Subspecialties Hematology

Hepatitis Undercover

| Jessica Allerton | 5 min read

Virologist William Irving explains why hepatitis B is still causing fear at the blood bank

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Latest Articles

Subspecialties Microbiology and immunology

POCT for TB?

| Jessica Allerton | 5 min read

Integrated plasma proteomics opens the door to new blood tests and improved diagnostic accuracy for tuberculosis

Outside the Lab Point of care testing

Dialing in Personalized Medicine

| Markella Loi | 2 min read

Researchers repurpose a smartphone compass to create an accessible and cheap platform for liquid analyte monitoring

Outside the Lab Profession

Volunteering on the Front Lines of Global Health

| Von Samedi | 12 min read

How ASCP volunteers help bridge the gap in pathology services across the globe, one case at a time.

Subspecialties Forensics

The Future of Forensics

| Roxanne Zascavage | 4 min read

With additional forensic-specific analysis software, nanopore sequencing platforms look set to revolutionize the industry

Outside the Lab Profession

Olympians in the Laboratory

| E. Blair Holladay | 3 min read

Early-career laboratory medicine professionals must nurture the drive to excel to achieve a winning career

Diagnostics Analytical science

Sense of the Future

| Jessica Allerton | 4 min read

What wearable sensors mean for diagnostics and personalized health monitoring

Inside the Lab Laboratory management

The Whole Continuum of Care

| Helen Bristow

At ESCMID Global, we caught up with Christian Borjesson, President of Beckman Coulter Microbiology

Diagnostics Omics

Molecular Pathology News

| Helen Bristow | 3 min read

Recently reported cell-level research results

Inside the Lab Technology and innovation

Consolidating Infectious Disease Testing

| Helen Bristow

We stopped by the Beckman Coulter Diagnostics stand at ESCMID Global 2024 to check out the DxI 9000 Immunoassay Analyzer

Inside the Lab Technology and innovation

What Does My Lab Report Mean?

| Michele Mitchell | 8 min read

How AI could help patients understand more about their disease

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36th European Congress of Pathology: Multidimensional Pathology – Cornerstone of modern diagnostics

Florence, Italy

From 7–11 September 2024, Florence, Italy will be hosting the worldwide leading congress in Pathology. For these few...

Pathology Visions 2024: Decision Digital - Advancing Digital Pathology Together

Orlando, FL

Pathology Visions, the Digital Pathology Association’s annual meeting, brings together 800+ professionals and thought...

Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) 2024 Annual Meeting & Expo

Vancouver, BC Canada

AMP’s Annual Meeting is the “premier gathering” of molecular professionals. Please join us for Short Course Day...

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