The New Workflow

Comprehensive genomic profiling

Today, more labs are implementing comprehensive genomic profiling in-house—an endeavor that requires a highly efficient operation from panel to report.

Labs need large pan-cancer panels that maximize the chance of detecting alterations, yet limit the input of precious biopsy samples. But as NGS panels increase in size and complexity, massive amounts of genomic data are generated, placing tremendous pressure on lab personnel to analyze and interpret NGS test results in a timely manner with uncompromised precision.

QIAGEN offers comprehensive genomic profiling solutions that help you detect with accuracy, analyze with precision, and interpret with confidence.

QIAseq Pan-cancer Multimodal Panel

A single day sample-to-sequencing workflow for simultaneous enrichment and profiling of 605 relevant DNA variant and RNA fusion biomarkers found across different cancers as well as assessment of TMB and MSI, from one sample input as low as 10ng.
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QCI Secondary Analysis

QCI Secondary Analysis is a new cloud-based service for NGS secondary analysis that can be used with any NGS instrument and panel combination and seamlessly connects to QCI Interpret One, QIAGEN’s platform for clinical NGS interpretation, to enable users to go from FASTQ to precision report through an integrated and automated workflow.
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QCI Interpret One

QCI Interpret One is clinical decision support software integrated with on-demand professional clinical interpretation services that enables molecular diagnostic labs to analyze, interpret, and report large oncology NGS tests with greater speed, precision, and confidence.
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Clinical NGS Interpretation Services

For labs who want to out-source variant interpretation or who need extra support to manage a growing caseload, QCI Precision Insights a professional clinical interpretation service that translates molecular data specific to each patient into clinical insights and therapeutic options.
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