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The Pathology Grand Tour

Welcome to The Pathology Grand Tour – a 12-episode podcast series brought to you by The Pathologist. Our tour will take us through the many and varied faces of the laboratory, from immunology and infectious disease to forensics, biomedical science, and even veterinary pathology. Come explore a day in the life of each discipline with us – you never know what you might discover!

Subspecialties Cytology

12: Cytopathology

Cytopathologist Eva Wojcik and GI/Liver Pathology Fellow Dana Razzano talk about their day-to-day life in the lab, their journey into cytopathology, and the impact that COVID-19 has had on the profession.

Diagnostics Biochemistry and molecular biology

11: Molecular Pathology

Molecular pathologists Ann Moyer and Manuel Salto-Tellez share insight into life in the lab, molecular pathology’s place within the clinical care team, and why the field is so important.

Subspecialties Hematology

10: Hematopathology

Akanksha Gupta and Rashmi Kanagal-Shamanna introduce us to the science of blood, their work as hematopathologists, and what makes their discipline so unique – and so intriguing.

9: Clinical Chemistry and Biomedical Science

We speak to clinical chemist Leanne O’Connor and consultant clinical scientist Gareth McKeeman about the role of chemistry in the laboratory and what it’s like to be on the chemical side of pathology and laboratory medicine.

Outside the Lab Profession

8: Pediatric and Perinatal Pathology

Pediatric pathologists Oscar Lopez-Nuñez and Miguel Reyes-Mugica share insight into life in the lab, how pediatric pathology differs from other laboratory subspecialties, and how parenthood has made them better pathologists.

Subspecialties Histology

7: Histopathology, Part 2

Renal pathologist Mei Lin Bissonnette and oral and maxillofacial pathologist Hayley Pincott introduce us to their unique disciplines, how they fit into the wider picture of pathology, and the changing field of histopathology.

Subspecialties Histology

6: Histopathology, Part 1

Dermatopathologist Rajendra Singh and pulmonary pathologist Melanie Bois talk about their work in the lab, what histopathologists do all day, and the similarities and differences between their fields.

5: Veterinary Pathology

Veterinary pathologists Nicola Parry and Chiara Palmieri share what they get up to in the lab, the skills they feel make a good veterinary pathologist, and what they think the future holds for the field.

Subspecialties Microbiology and immunology

4: Immunology and Infectious Disease

Infectious disease specialist Céline Gounder and clinical immunopathologist Michael Shurin discuss life in the laboratory and how their profession has changed in the recent past.

Subspecialties Forensics

3: Forensic Pathology

Forensic pathologist Marianne Hamel and associate medical examiner Nicole Jackson share insight into life in the lab, tell us about their most memorable cases, and debunk the biggest misconceptions about forensic pathology.

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