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Wise Words

The old year is drawing to a close. In keeping with the season’s tradition of reflection, I’ve sought out words of wisdom from the leading pathologists and laboratory medicine professionals we’ve spoken to over the past year to carry with me into the new year – and I thought I would share them with you as well.


“People shouldn’t be afraid of the technology. Some are saying that it will reduce the need for pathologists, or make pathology less interesting as a job. I understand those perceived risks, but if you implement the technology correctly, it will make being a pathologist much more exciting, and you’ll achieve a lot more for your patients.” – Darren Treanor

“In any field – and especially in science – we achieve very little alone. To become independent, rigorous scientists with the vision to ask and answer important questions, we must be trained and mentored, supported and encouraged.” – Benjamin Garcia

“If I could go back and give my younger self one piece of advice, I’d say, ‘Do it the same way. Follow what you love doing, and the rest somehow works out.’” – Rick Mitchell

“One of the things I would tell myself is to be resilient. Resilience is key to being a great leader. I would also say to have fun, and always to focus on the end goal – which, for me, has always been the patient.” – Dame Sue Hill

“Think carefully about what you really want out of your career, as well as the environments and situations in which you thrive. You are unlikely to find a “perfect” fit with what you want to do, so be prepared to be adaptable.” – Bethany Williams

“When I speak to young people at the start of their careers, I always give them the same piece of advice: identify the big problems and seek a solution; life is too short to solve small problems.” – Stephen Quake

 “It’s important to have confidence in yourself and to speak up, especially when you think everybody already knows what you’re going to say. Sometimes they don’t; sometimes, your ideas are novel and you engage with people who can offer new opportunities.” – Ann Nelson

“There’s no magic recipe to maintaining a healthy work-life balance – and, sometimes, something has to give!” – Anant Madabhushi

“Be bold, confident, and joyful in who you are and don’t be afraid of the judgment of others, because you are not being yourself if everyone likes you. The greatest gift you can give society is you!” – Bennet Omalu


I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday break and that the new year finds you refreshed and ready for anything!

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About the Author

Michael Schubert

While obtaining degrees in biology from the University of Alberta and biochemistry from Penn State College of Medicine, I worked as a freelance science and medical writer. I was able to hone my skills in research, presentation and scientific writing by assembling grants and journal articles, speaking at international conferences, and consulting on topics ranging from medical education to comic book science. As much as I’ve enjoyed designing new bacteria and plausible superheroes, though, I’m more pleased than ever to be at Texere, using my writing and editing skills to create great content for a professional audience.

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