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August Issue of The Pathologist

It’s here! As you may see from the cover, the July/August issue of The Pathologist is our annual Power List. However, 2023’s iteration of our annual celebration is a veritable pathology anthology – a collection of topical, anatomical, and sometimes comical stories from the lab. After hundreds of submissions, our expert judging panel believed these final 25 tales to be symbolic of the amazing work that goes on day in, day out across the field – spanning multiple topics, subspecialties, and continents.

And plenty more: How the colistin in agriculture is fuelling the antibacterial resistance crisis; Aleksandra Zuraw explains how language is the key to collaboration between disciplines in digital pathology; Tim Simpson on the cancer we can eliminate; an interview with the author of Pathogenesis, exploring his theory of history shaped by germs; Jane Gibson explores precision medicine and the modern pathologist; Randy E. David shares the importance of simulated patients; a horse vs car analogy about digital pathology adoption, and AI-fueled pathology; discussing the Acute Care Genomics project, investigations into individual bat viromes; and Sitting Down With… Alan Wu, author and Professor of Laboratory Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, USA.

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