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April Issue of The Pathologist

In this issue we look at the barriers faced by medical students seeking pathology training, and some of the initiatives to remove the obstacles. Head to our feature article to meet the tireless volunteers behind – which provides practical advice and mentorship to those seeking pathology residencies in the states – and learn about initiatives that are helping boost pathologist numbers in the UK and Australasia.

Also in this issue: diagnostics go high tech in our research roundups; compelling arguments for having more women in laboratory leadership, investing more in our decedent care, and fostering more diverse workforces; how ultrahigh-plex spatial mapping of the human proteome is advancing precision medicine; the advantages of dry antibody panels for flow cytometry; a review of phage-based diagnostics for tuberculosis; why we should all boost our AI knowledge; benefits of digital pathology for TU Munich and its patients; how to write a business case for laboratory upgrades; the power of social media to aid professional development.

And finally: we sat down with pathology leader Marcial García Rojo, 10 years after our original interview, to find out if his digital predictions came true.

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