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December 2017 Issue of The Pathologist

In our December 2017 issue, we explore pathology from the patient’s perspective – what does your input mean to the people underneath the microscope? We also look at what’s new in the world of genomic sequencing, detecting and defeating pathogens, and how we can reduce overtesting. We sit down with Victor Tron, past president of the Canadian Association of Pathologists.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Profession

Beyond the Duty of Care

| Michael Schubert

Pathologists’ interactions with patients are meaningful – perhaps more so now than ever

Subspecialties Clinical care

Case of the Month

Kidney tumor with dual cell population, features of emperipolesis, cyclin D1 positivity.

Outside the Lab Biochemistry and molecular biology

Biliary Biomarker

| Michael Schubert

MMP-7 can help early diagnosis of biliary atresia and prevent need for liver transplant

Inside the Lab Screening and monitoring

Fostering Better Care

| Michael Schubert

Children entering foster care receive extensive, but not always cost-effective, screening

Inside the Lab Genetics and epigenetics

The Value of Variants

| Michael Schubert

A new test examines 32 gene variants to better predict Alzheimer’s disease

Diagnostics Clinical care

Beyond the Brain

| Michael Schubert

Skin samples can reveal infectious prions, but may also risk iatrogenic transmission

Outside the Lab Clinical care

Salivary Secrets

| Michael Schubert

Levels of five microRNAs in saliva can hold clues to how long concussion symptoms may last

Outside the Lab Clinical care

LITMUS for the Liver

| Michael Schubert

A project involving biobanking, research and industry seeks biomarkers to evaluate NAFLD

Outside the Lab Analytical science

Good Vibrations

| Michael Schubert

Microelectromechanical resonators may help detect biomarkers in small sample volumes

Outside the Lab Profession

Illuminating Renal Pathology

| Anthony Chang and Gladell Paner

We need to reevaluate our approach to kidney disease and its classification

Inside the Lab Biochemistry and molecular biology

Don’t Hold Your Breath

| Wolfgang Vautz

Clinical GC-ion mobility spectrometry has great potential, but major hurdles lie ahead

Subspecialties Clinical care

A Whole New World

| Jesse L. Berry

Taking on the challenge of opening up new opportunities for retinoblastoma care

Inside the Lab Profession

Hello, My Name Is…

Patients and pathologists discuss their experiences with patient-centered care and share the value it holds for them

Inside the Lab Profession

The Patient Expert

| Marleen Kaatee

Pathologists, patients and primary care providers need to communicate with one another

Outside the Lab Profession

The Disease Detective

| Taylor Schwab

Pathologist interactions help patients understand their diseases and diagnostic reasoning

Outside the Lab Profession

Bridging the Patient Care Gap

| Linda Sejour

Patient-centered pathology from the perspective of both sides of the laboratory bench

Inside the Lab Profession

The Holistic Healer

| Marilyn Bui

Interacting with patients can empower them to become leaders in their medical management

Inside the Lab Training and education

The Involved Interpreter

| Timothy Craig Allen

Helping patients not only offers them peace of mind, but also shows pathology's value

Outside the Lab Precision medicine

The Pathology Promoter

| Gustaaf de Ridder

Teaching patients about their diagnoses is good for everyone - and for pathology's future

Outside the Lab Technology and innovation

A Smart Approach to Testing

| Brian Cunningham

A new lab-on-a-chip for nucleic acid analysis works with your smartphone

Outside the Lab Microbiology and immunology

Built for Speed

| Johan Elf

UTIs yield many antibiotic prescriptions - could a new test help selective prescribing?

Inside the Lab Bioinformatics

A Guiding Light for Sequencing

| Somak Roy and Alexis Carter

New recommendations for NGS bioinformatics pipelines aim to standardize sequencing

Outside the Lab Genetics and epigenetics

The Need for (Sequencing) Speed

| Shimul Chowdhury and David Dimmock

Rapid whole genome sequencing of NICU patients can save costs and improve outcomes

Inside the Lab Profession

A Lever and a Place to Stand

| Michael Schubert

Boosting awareness of overutilization may not be enough - we must tackle the drivers

Inside the Lab Profession

Leader of the North

| Michael Schubert

Victor Tron, Past-President of the Canadian Association of Pathologists, Chief of Laboratory Medicine at St. Michael’s and St. Joseph’s Hospitals, and Professor at the University of Toronto, Canada

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