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November 2017 Issue of The Pathologist

In our November 2017 issue, we take a look at the practical side of digital pathology: if you’ve decided to transition, what happens next? The problem with biobanks, the issue of over-testing, and the drawbacks of population databases in non-European populations also feature, and we sit down with Ian Cree, head of the WHO Classification of Tumors Group.

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Articles featured in this issue

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Plugging Into Artificial Intelligence

| Michael Schubert

No computer can replace the judgment of a skilled pathologist – but it can save time and resources

Subspecialties Clinical care

Case of the Month

Mutation of which gene most likely accounts for the pathologic changes seen in this biopsy?

Outside the Lab Oncology

Database Discrimination?

| Michael Schubert

Population databases may be an ineffective tool for non-European patients

Outside the Lab Oncology

The Lady Doth Co-Test Too Much, Methinks

| Michael Schubert

Guidelines recommend the Pap smear and HPV testing for cervical cancer – but are both necessary?

Subspecialties Biochemistry and molecular biology

Spinal Tap

| Joanna Cummings

Metal speciation in cerebrospinal fluid may bring new understanding of neurodegenerative diseases

Diagnostics Microbiology and immunology

Gut Feeling

| James Strachan

Can the microbiome predict the likelihood of chemotherapy side effects?

Subspecialties Biochemistry and molecular biology

Understanding Pancreatic Cancer Prognosis

| Roisin McGuigan

Mutations in four main genes influence survival rates of pancreatic adenocarcinoma patients

Diagnostics Oncology

More Precise Precision Medicine

| Michael Schubert

Are single-cell diagnostics needed to reveal the full picture in breast cancer?

Subspecialties Analytical science

Dark Fields and Diagnostic Disks

| Michael Schubert

New devices for detecting tuberculosis may speed up diagnosis and improve treatment

Outside the Lab Technology and innovation

Taking the “Bank” out of Biobank

| Vanessa Tumilasci

Users agree that biobanks aren’t delivering – but what’s wrong, and how can it be fixed?

Inside the Lab Technology and innovation

Digital Pathology Is Not Our Enemy…

| Dariusz Borys

It could actually be our strongest ally, but only if we get on board fast

Diagnostics Oncology

The World (of IHC) Is Not Enough

| Dean Troyer

As a qualitative assay, immunohistochemistry does the job. But do we need more?

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Connecting Your Digital World

| Michael Schubert

So you want to transition to digital pathology. How will you store and share images?

Outside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Practically Perfect In Every Way

| Michael Schubert

With so many data storage and sharing possibilities, how can we match infrastructure to needs?

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Digital Pathology: Behind the Scenes

| Mark Pastor

Every successful digital pathologist needs the support of the right infrastructure

Outside the Lab Biochemistry and molecular biology

A Renal Failure

| Marlies Ostermann

Can two new biomarker assays offer a superior alternative to current AKI tests?

Subspecialties Training and education

Bad Grades for Gleason

| Jonathan Epstein

A new grading system for prostate carcinoma – and how you can adopt it in your laboratory

Outside the Lab Training and education

Testing, Testing Everywhere

| Michael Schubert

The hazard of over-testing in hospitalized patients is very real – but how do we change this?

Outside the Lab Forensics

Tiny Patients, Huge Difference

| Marta Cohen

Pediatric pathology is suffering from a lack of new members - why?

Subspecialties Training and education

International Man of Pathology

| Roisin McGuigan

Ian Cree, Head, WHO Classification of Tumors Group, International Agency for Research on Cancer

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