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October 2023 Issue of The Pathologist

Fashion is a rare topic in the world of the lab. But recent research has highlighted a disturbing trend within fur farms – one that draws a direct line from the accessories on clothing racks to the potential source of the next pandemic. The demand for fur – and the squalid conditions used to house the animals it comes from – is quickly becoming a concern among expert virologists. So what are the mechanisms behind this link? How do we stop it? All that and more in our fashion-fueled feature.

With much more: An interrogation of the tumor microenvironment with artificial intelligence;; Bamidele Farinre explains why a blaming culture makes for a toxic workplace; a Peer-to-Peer – Ivan Damjanov interviews departing President of the European Society of Pathology, Aleš Ryška; an interview with the researchers of a COVID-19 challenge study; Callum Arthurs on his reasons for digital pathology advocacy; using the aviation industry as inspiration for pathology; how AI spatial pathology is set to become the “next” next-generation sequencing; a how-to on sourcing chemicals by Dave Haase; and Sitting Down With... Aleksandra Zuraw, Veterinary Pathologist at Charles River Laboratories, Fairfield, Pennsylvania, and founder of The Digital Pathology Place.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Regulation and standards

Have We Taken Fashion Too Fur?

| Georgia Hulme

The correlation between fashion and disease

Subspecialties Oncology

EVs for Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

| Georgia Hulme

Three proteins identified as biomarkers for high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma

Outside the Lab Profession

Match of the Year: Residency 2023 in Numbers

| George Francis Lee

A look at the data on Residency Match 2023

Subspecialties Oncology

A Diverse Set of Discoveries

| George Francis Lee | 3 min read

How do ethnicity and race affect the mechanisms behind liver cancer?

Diagnostics COVID-19

Doggy Diagnostics

| George Francis Lee | 3 min read

Can man’s best friend beat gold standard testing?

Diagnostics Biochemistry and molecular biology

Parkinson’s Progress

| Georgia Hulme

Could a new blood biomarker could help with early Parkinson’s diagnosis?

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Min-maxing Microbes

| George Francis Lee | 2 min read

Genes resistant to antibiotics are optimizing their spread

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Unlocking Technological Potential

| Callum Arthurs | 3 min read

Callum Arthurs advocates for a modular approach to digital pathology procurement

Inside the Lab Laboratory management

Blame Culture is Toxic

| Bamidele Farinre | 3 min read

Tips to understanding and addressing errors in the pathology laboratory

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

The Power of Digital Pathology

| E. Blair Holladay | 2 min read

How embracing telepathology and digital pathology has strengthened the laboratory

Outside the Lab Regulation and standards

Virus in Furs

| Georgia Hulme | 15 min read

How fashion-fueled mink farms are the perfect petri dish for a future pandemic

Subspecialties Digital and computational pathology

Interrogating the TME with AI

| Mike Montalto | 6 min read

How can AI change our analysis of the tumor microenvironment?

Diagnostics COVID-19

Intentional Infection

| George Francis Lee | 9 min read

A study that infected patients with COVID-19 spurred some controversy, but what did it reveal?

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Flight Path

| Joseph Mossel | 4 min read

If we work together, we can stop all diagnoses falling under the radar

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

AI Driven Spatial Pathology: The Next NGS

| Kenneth J Bloom | 5 min read

Spatial pathology platforms are overcoming NGS limitations

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Existing Technologies Pave an Easy Road

| Asa Rubin | 3 min read

The transition to digital pathology doesn’t need to be a bumpy ride

Outside the Lab Profession

Peer-to-Peer, Featuring Aleš Ryška

| Ivan Damjanov | 16 min read

Ivan Damjanov interviews Aleš Ryška about his career and experiences as President of the European Society of Pathology

Inside the Lab Laboratory management

Chemical Sourcing, Streamlined

| Dave Haase | 7 min read

Navigating the challenges of sourcing chemicals in the lab

Outside the Lab Profession

The Place Maker

| 5 min read

Sitting Down With... Aleksandra Zuraw

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