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October 2017 Issue of The Pathologist

In our October 2017 issue, we take a look at what’s going in liquid biopsy – why pathologists should consider using it, where it can help the most, and what caveats still remain. The descriptive pathology report, external quality assessment, and the myth of “ovarian” cancer also feature, and we sit down with Emanuel Rubin, author of the well-known, eponymous pathology textbook.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Profession

Opening Pandora’s Patient Portal

| Michael Schubert

The debate over whether and how patients should have access to medical records rages on

Subspecialties Clinical care

Case of the Month

What is the most likely diagnosis based on this lymph node biopsy from a 32-year-old?

Diagnostics Omics

All Eyes on Biomarkers

| Ruth Steer

Could age-related macular degeneration be diagnosed through blood plasma analysis?

Outside the Lab Screening and monitoring

Analysis at Your Fingertips?

| Roisin McGuigan

Paper-spray mass spectrometry provides a quick, accurate method for detecting cocaine use

Inside the Lab Biochemistry and molecular biology

Superior Separations

| Michael Schubert

Burcu Gumuscu explains an exciting new chip-based method for DNA fractionation

Inside the Lab Clinical care

Better Biopsies for Amyloidosis?

| Roisin McGuigan

A more rapid alternative for familial amyloid polyneuropathy diagnosis

Inside the Lab Training and education

The API Medical Laboratory Sciences Scholarship

| Robin Stombler

Calling all US laboratory science students in need of funding…

Outside the Lab Profession

Laboratory Lessons in Conflict Resolution

| Glenda Wright

What can we do when our clinical colleagues believe they have a laboratory problem?

Outside the Lab Profession

Tackling Cancer Myths

| Mark Boguski

Ovarian cancer doesn't exist - and we must address the knowledge gap in pelvic cancers

Inside the Lab Profession

On the Hunt for Laboratory Errors

| Mario Plebani

Our challenge is to move from analytical data management to total sample management

Subspecialties Liquid biopsy

A Pathologist’s Pierian Spring

With better liquid biopsy techniques, we can find a wealth of knowledge in the blood

Subspecialties Liquid biopsy

A Win-Win Situation

| Joydeep Goswami

Liquid biopsy is ready for the clinic - but are we ready to use it appropriately?

Outside the Lab Liquid biopsy

Battling Lung Cancer in the Tobacco Belt

| Paul Walker

When speed is essential, liquid biopsy can help oncologists make life or death decisions

Outside the Lab Liquid biopsy

A Drop in the Ocean

| George Karlin-Neumann

Applying droplet digital PCR to liquid biopsy - advances, applications and limitations

Outside the Lab Liquid biopsy

The Mystery Disease

| Razelle Kurzrock, Shumei Kato

Liquid biopsy can reveal the characteristics of cancers of unknown primary

Diagnostics Liquid biopsy

The Chain Reaction

| Hanlee Ji

A new method, single-color digital PCR, can lower the cost and complexity of liquid biopsy

Outside the Lab Biochemistry and molecular biology

Molecules Against Microbes

| Gunjot Rana, Sherry Dunbar

As molecular diagnostic methods evolve, so does our approach to microbial testing

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

A Halo Model

Consolidating 30 separate sites into one of the largest pathology laboratories in Europe

Outside the Lab Technology and innovation

Bringing Together the Best and Brightest

| Tim Herriman

How the Halo Lab was planned to optimize workflow and equipment utilization

Inside the Lab Profession

From Office to Laboratory

| Paul Sharp

How the Halo Lab was designed and constructed within existing building constraints

Outside the Lab Profession

Our Secret Language

| Kamran Mirza

The role of the descriptive pathology report should not be lost in modern diagnostics

Outside the Lab Profession

A Quality Undertaking

| Beth Sheppard, Colin Tristram, John Garratt, Espen Walker, Jacqueline Hall

Connecting external quality assessment and industry to ensure quality diagnostic testing

Outside the Lab Training and education

Writing the Book on Pathology

| Michael Schubert

Emanuel Rubin, Distinguished Professor of Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA

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