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November 2016 Issue of The Pathologist

Welcome to our November issue. Our Upfront articles this month deal with precision medicine, a new smartphone spectrometer, and public awareness of pathology. In My View authors argue that pathology is a human right, warn us of the need to guide POCT, and discuss engaging students in pathology. The Feature asks, “Has digital pathology proven its worth yet?” In Practice focuses on the benefits of multi-site tumor sampling, NextGen features genomic sequencing for intellectual developmental disorder diagnosis, and Profession shares an industry pathologist’s perspective on developing companion diagnostics. We Sit Down With hematopoietic stem cell transplant expert Alejandro Madrigal.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Profession

No Sympathy, No Humanity

| Fedra Pavlou

When public health disaster strikes, the laboratory medicine heroes step in

Outside the Lab Precision medicine

Tackling the Ticking Treatment Clock

| Michael Schubert

Genomic and proteomic testing at diagnosis can speed up treatment for cancer patients

Diagnostics Precision medicine

A Personal(ized) Choice

| Michael Schubert

A recent study says precision medicine really does make a difference in cancer care

Inside the Lab Technology and innovation

Tiny Testing

| Michael Schubert

A new smartphone laboratory allows pathologists to analyze eight samples simultaneously

Subspecialties Oncology

The Shape of Things

| Michael Schubert

Could the shape of cancer cells help pathologists predict their behavior?

Outside the Lab Profession

Mythbusting Medicine

| Michael Schubert

The general public’s understanding of pathology is still low – we must increase awareness

Inside the Lab Microscopy and imaging

Image of the Month

A sagittal section of a fetal degu at 60 days of gestation

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Infographic – Computational Pathology

Find out how technological advances are empowering pathologists to take center stage and support improved patient care.

Outside the Lab Training and education

Expert Panel Tackle Training Needs in Developing Countries

The Pathologist and RCPath join forces to discuss the training needs of low- and middle-income countries and to reach a consensus on what can be done to help

Outside the Lab Profession

Pathology is a Human Right

| Lawrence Shulman, Claire Wagner, Danny Milner, Jr.

Battling the ever-growing burden of cancer in Africa requires a global effort

Outside the Lab Point of care testing

We Must Guide POCT

| Xavier Navarro

Why it’s important to establish ground rules and quality for point-of-care testing

Outside the Lab Training and education

Lessons in Life

| Sandra Zekic Tomas

Pathology education must be practical, dynamic and inclusive, with firsthand experience

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Has Its Worth Been Proven Yet?

| Luke Perkocha, Michael Schubert

Digital pathology technology is increasingly used, but is there a business case for it?

Diagnostics Digital and computational pathology

A Roadmap to the Future

| Alexi Baidoshvili

A careful flow analysis and roadmap can be the key to a strong business case

Outside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Part of a Larger Whole

| Marcial García Rojo

Digital pathology can provide great return on investment if labs are ready for change

Outside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Techniques in Transition

| Michael Schubert

Flexibility and computer-aided diagnosis can help digital pathology gain a foothold

Outside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

A Business Case for Common Sense

| Liron Pantanowitz

For good return on digital pathology investment, consider your lab's practical workings

Inside the Lab Bioinformatics

A Patient Is More Than a Price Tag

| Clara van Karnebeek, Maja Tarailo-Graovac

With intellectual and metabolic differences, sequencing can aid diagnosis and treatment

Outside the Lab Oncology

Strength In Numbers

| José I. López

Sampling multiple tumor sites can reveal heterogeneity that would otherwise go unnoticed

Outside the Lab Profession

Inside Industry

| Bharathi Vennapusa

An industry pathologist’s perspective on developing a companion diagnostic

Subspecialties Profession

Trials and Transplantations

| Michael Schubert

Alejandro Madrigal, Scientific Research Director at Anthony Nolan, London, UK

Outside the Lab Training and education

The Pathologist and RCPath Unite to Host Roundtable Event

The Pathologist and Royal College of Pathologists unite to deliver International Pathology Day roundtable event

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