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August 2021 Issue of The Pathologist

In August’s issue of The Pathologist, the curtain lifts to reveal our 2021 Power List finalists. This year, we’re celebrating pathologists and laboratory medicine professionals making their mark across six different categories: Behind the Scenes (for non-pathologist laboratory professionals), In the Spotlight (for outreach and advocacy stars), In the Wings (for those early in their careers), Leading Roles (for educators and mentors), Showstoppers (for drivers of discovery), and Front(line) and Center (for pandemic heroes). Also in this issue: modernizing point-of-care diagnostics to help avert the next pandemic, how pathologists must lead to make a difference at every stage of the patient journey, and an interview with Judy Melinek, forensic pathologist and novelist in Wellington, New Zealand.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Profession

Pride in Pathology: Vice or Virtue?

| Michael Schubert

Every member of the medical laboratory has one thing in common – a deep love of their discipline and the work they do every day to benefit others

Diagnostics Biochemistry and molecular biology

Move Over, Mammography, There’s a New Biosensor in Town

| Liv Gaskill

Could a new prototype biosensor challenge the current gold standard method of breast cancer detection?

Outside the Lab Training and education

Long-Distance Lab Learning

| Liv Gaskill

A new remote module is providing students with hands-on lab experience – from the comfort of their own homes

Diagnostics Histology

Case of the Month

A 64-year-old, HIV-positive male presented with fatigue and night sweats, as well as 15-pound weight loss – what is the most likely diagnosis?

Subspecialties Biochemistry and molecular biology

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Antimicrobial Resistance

| Liv Gaskill

International travelers may be fueling the spread of antimicrobial resistance genes within the gut microbiome

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Heading in the Data Direction for Major Depressive Disorder

| Liv Gaskill

Large-scale genome study of major depressive disorder reveals novel genetic risks

Diagnostics Biochemistry and molecular biology

Putting the Tumor Microenvironment into Spatial Context

| Sponsored by Akoya Biosciences

From bench to bedside, spatial biology can help to guide targeted treatment and predict patient response

Diagnostics Point of care testing

How to Avert the Next Pandemic

| Jack Regan

As we emerge from one pandemic, we must prepare for the next – and modernizing point-of-care diagnostics can help

Inside the Lab Profession

Leading for Change

| E. Blair Holladay

It’s our job to encourage our young leaders – so that the lab continues to play a key role in advancing health and patient care

Diagnostics Oncology

Working Together Works

| Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific

An expert panel discusses current progress and future possibilities to collaborate in the field of targeted therapy in lung cancer

Inside the Lab Technology and innovation

Demystifying AI for Pathologists – and for Patients

| Chad Salinas

Artificial intelligence practitioners must embrace an approach of humility and partnership when supplementing pathologists’ tried-and-true workflows

Subspecialties Forensics

The Working Stiff

| Michael Schubert

We speak to Judy Melinek about forensic pathology, expert witnessing, and the birth of a pathology-themed novel series

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