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August 2018 Issue of The Pathologist

The Pathologist’s August issue covers the importance of pathologists developing better communication skills between each other and with other medical departments. This issue also discusses using lab-on-a-chip technology for noninvasive prenatal screenings, how wearable technology could advance diagnostics, and origin stories of how you got your start in pathology. Plus, we sit down with John Goldblum, Chairman in the Department of Pathology at Cleveland Clinic.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Profession

A Perfect Partnership

| E. Blair Holladay

ASCP and The Pathologist strike-up a collaboration

Diagnostics Histology

Case of the Month

What’s caused this woman’s ventricular mass?

Outside the Lab Microbiology and immunology

Recognizing and Reacting to PID

| Tayiba Sulaiman

On their 10th anniversary, the UK Primary Immunodeficiency registry (UKPID) have released their second report to raise awareness and improve care

Outside the Lab Genetics and epigenetics

The Gentle Fetal Genome

| William Aryitey

Inertial microfluidics for fetal screening

Inside the Lab Clinical care

A Change of Heart (Genetics)

iPSC-based and genome editing approaches to the study of cardiac channelopathies may be the next step toward personalizing diagnosis and treatment

Diagnostics Cytology

Fluorescence Macroscopy

| William Aryitey

Imaging with a larger scope and sharper detail

Outside the Lab Analytical science

Quick Hits

| William Aryitey

A roundup of interesting stories surrounding pathology

Outside the Lab Profession

Changing the Perception of Pathology

| Hayley Pincott

What can pathologists do to help boost the field’s profile?

Outside the Lab Bioinformatics

The Economics of Personalized Medicine

| Ilan Danieli

Broad NGS panels work well for cancer screening, but for monitoring, we need tools that are less expensive and more targeted

Inside the Lab Analytical science

Coming Soon: Third-Wave Diagnostics

| Jason Heikenfeld

The need for continuous and contextual biochemical data is clearer than ever, and enabling technology may be just around the corner

Outside the Lab Profession

Tell Me, Doctor…

| Timothy Craig Allen

To keep pace with medicine’s future, pathologists need to develop much better communication skills – with great urgency

Outside the Lab Profession

From the Horse’s Mouth

| Christopher Anderson and Harpreet Talwar

How do doctors outside pathology view the field’s communication?

Outside the Lab Training and education

Wellness: A New Kind of Best Practice

| Marisa Saint Martin

Pathologists are at high risk of burnout, so what can we do – institutionally and individually – to increase resilience and wellness?

Diagnostics Microscopy and imaging

The Inside Story

How the Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging Institute continues to break new ground in mass spectrometry imaging


The Imaging Innovator

Shane Ellis is pushing imaging technology to its limits – and beyond

Inside the Lab Technology and innovation

The Clinical Collaborator

Tiffany Porta is translating MSI technology into the operating theatre

Inside the Lab

The Big Data Explorer

Benjamin Balluff develops innovative bioinformatics approaches that allow M4I researchers to master their data

Outside the Lab Profession

Your Origin Stories – in Tweets

| William Aryitey

What inspired you to become a pathologist?

Inside the Lab Profession

A Natural Gift for Pathology

Sitting Down With John Goldblum, Chairman in the Department of Pathology at Cleveland Clinic

Inside the Lab Oncology

Childhood Cancers Are Different

| Tim Triche

The features that drive pediatric cancers are vastly different to those in adult disease

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