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August 2017 Issue of The Pathologist

Our August 2017 issue explores the decline of the traditional autopsy – and the alternatives that have arisen to address the vital need for death investigation. Other key topics include the “diagnostic zebra” of pediatric pancreatitis, the potential to map cancer using mass spectrometry imaging, open-source labware for the masses, and the value of simulation in pathology education. Finally, we sit down with Kona Williams, forensic pathologist and First Nations Liaison in Ontario, Canada.

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Articles featured in this issue

Subspecialties Profession

A Time to Reflect

| Fedra Pavlou

Three years on, many inspirational stories told and issues addressed. We’ve just begun…

Diagnostics Histology

Case of the Month

What is the most likely diagnosis for this lung tumor removed from a 50-year-old man?

Inside the Lab Laboratory management

Finding the Freshman 15

| Michael Schubert

Circulating erythritol levels can predict which young adults may gain weight at university

Subspecialties Bioinformatics

Creating an Immune Inventory

| Roisin McGuigan

An EHR-derived phenotypic disease catalog allows replication of decades of work on HLAs

Subspecialties Clinical care

When Minutes Matter

| Michael Schubert

New tests can speed sepsis diagnosis, ensuring patients get the right treatment fast

Subspecialties Precision medicine

CEA: Overlooked and Underused

| Roisin McGuigan

Could an existing blood test improve treatment choices – and outcomes – in colon cancer?

Subspecialties Laboratory management

Sampling the Spectrum

| Michael Schubert

Blood biomarkers may offer reliable early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

The Endometrial Exome

| Roisin McGuigan

Tissue sequencing in endometriosis could lead to better classification of the disease

Outside the Lab Oncology

A New Gold Standard Test for PDAC?

| Roisin McGuigan

Nanopore and plasmonic technology could speed diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

Outside the Lab Profession

A Failed Model

| Dominic Allen

Biobanks can operate efficiently and successfully by learning from the automotive industry

Inside the Lab Forensics

Death of the Autopsy?

Autopsy is declining, but death investigation is still vital. What is the alternative?

Inside the Lab Profession

Finding Answers In Angiography

| Guy Rutty

Post-mortem cross-sectional imaging, supplemented with angiography, is minimally invasive

Outside the Lab Forensics

Post-Mortem Potential

| Suzy Lishman

Changes to UK death investigation must improve service and increase awareness of value

Subspecialties Forensics

A Simpler System

| Jaume Ordi

Minimally invasive autopsies can improve death investigation in resource-limited settings

Outside the Lab Profession

A Light in the Darkness

| Marta Cohen

After the loss of an infant or child, uncovering the cause of death can be difficult

Diagnostics Profession

Science Honors Sacrifice

| Robin Stombler

A unique kind of death investigation where identification and reassociation are the goals

Inside the Lab Endocrinology

Personalizing Pediatric Pancreatitis

| Matthew Giefer

New gene mutations associated with recurrent and chronic pancreatitis in children

Inside the Lab Analytical science

Cartographers of Cancer

| Josephine Bunch

Meet the researchers using mass spectrometry imaging to plot a molecular map of malignancy

Inside the Lab Microscopy and imaging

The Revolution Will Be 3D Printed

| Tom Baden and André Maia Chagas

Open-source labware can potentially replace some expensive laboratory equipment

Inside the Lab Profession

Simulated Scenarios: Real-Life Benefits

| Viren N. Naik

Simulation has an important place in medical education – now is the time to get on board

Subspecialties Profession

First in Class

| Michael Schubert

Kona Williams, Junior Forensic Pathologist and First Nations Liaison at the Ontario Forensic Pathology Service, Toronto, Canada

Outside the Lab Liquid biopsy

Cancer’s Circulating Secrets

| Alberto Bardelli

Liquid biopsy allows cancer investigation without applying invasive procedures to patients

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