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June 2018 Issue of The Pathologist

The Pathologist’s June issue covers what we gain from death! We speak to a team of experts behind human decomposition facilities to dig into how the dead can breathe life into research and provide vital forensic clues. We also delve into measuring the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, detecting malaria in mosquitoes with NIRS, how AI can aid healthcare, using methylation biomarkers to assist prognosis, the lab of the future, and much more. Plus, we sit down with astronaut and veterinary pathologist Richard M. Linnehan to discuss his career on and off the planet.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Training and education

From 1995 to Infinity – and Beyond!

How radically has medical education changed?

Outside the Lab Histology

Case of the month

Can you identify which antibody reacted with this tumor?

Inside the Lab Genetics and epigenetics

Searching for Schizophrenia

Researchers identified the cell types associated with schizophrenia mutations

Outside the Lab Clinical care

Primary Open-Angle Genetics

| Ruth Steer

A landmark study, over 100 IOP-associated genetic variants, and the future of glaucoma care

Subspecialties Screening and monitoring

The Real Risks of Alzheimer’s

| William Aryitey

Preclinical dementia doesn’t always lead to AD

Subspecialties Precision medicine

PSA: A Shared Decision

Patients, partners, and providers should work together to optimize prostate cancer screening

Outside the Lab Oncology

An Oncogenic Species

Using biomarkers to diagnose creature cancers that we may be causing

Outside the Lab Analytical science

Looking Right Through Mosquitoes

| William Aryitey

Near-IR spectroscopy can identify Zika-infected mosquitoes

Outside the Lab Profession

The Pathologist’s Power List Returns for 2018

Who are the 100 most influential people in pathology today?

Outside the Lab Training and education

Putting Pathology Back into Schools

| Bruce Fenderon and Ivan Damjanov

An honors program for medical students with an inclination toward pathology

Inside the Lab Technology and innovation

One Giant Leap for Healthcare

| Geoff Twist

What can AI do for the people in UK healthcare?

Outside the Lab Technology and innovation

#Twitter Homework

| Kamran Mirza

Can social media help us learn more about pathology?

Subspecialties Profession

Life or Death Research?

| Shari Forbes

Human decomposition facilities offer insight into the post-mortem process that can help a wide variety of people – both before and after death

Outside the Lab Forensics

A Force for Good

| Katie Zejdlik, Nicholas V. Passalacqua, and John A. Williams

The what, where, and why of human decomposition facilities

Outside the Lab Forensics

Forensic Science at FIRS

| Melissa Connor

An introduction to the only taphonomic research facility serving the western United States

Outside the Lab Forensics

Missing: One Human Decomposition Facility

| Anna Williams

The uniqueness of different regions means that each needs its own facility – so why doesn’t the UK have one?

Diagnostics Clinical care

The Race Against Resistance

| Sherry Dunbar

Rapid testing could be the tool we need to successfully address antibiotic resistance

Inside the Lab Clinical care

Markers for Prognostic Progress

| Ana Robles

Better lung cancer treatment through biomarkers

Subspecialties Biochemistry and molecular biology

A Boost for Cervical Cancer Screening

| Liang Cao, Zhigang Kang

An efficient alternative to pap-HPV tests could lie with ddPCR and a ccfDNA assay

Inside the Lab Profession

The Lab of the Future – Now

| William Aryitey

A new flexible laboratory space allows for quick and easy adaptation to evolving medical needs

Subspecialties Genetics and epigenetics

Lessons Learned, with Pier Paolo Pandolfi

| Pier Paolo Pandolfi

A giant of leukemia research and treatment discusses his career

Inside the Lab Analytical science

The Astropathologist

Sitting Down With Richard M. Linnehan, Veterinary pathologist and Astronaut.

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