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May 2016 Issue of The Pathologist

Welcome to the May issue. In our Upfront articles, you’ll find new parasite detection devices, revised diagnostic criteria, and paper plates for ELISA testing. Our Feature tells you all about the canine collaborators helping to diagnose cancer from urine samples. In Practice investigates the pros and cons of laboratory automation. Diagnosis and detection are the focus of our NextGen section, and in Profession, we interview the founder of an online marketplace designed to facilitate research collaboration. We Sit Down With Jennifer Grandis, clinician and researcher in head and neck cancer at the University of California, San Francisco.

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Articles featured in this issue

Inside the Lab Profession

Decision Time

| Fedra Pavlou

As laboratory services are under increasing pressure to expand, is it best to stand alone or seek strength in numbers?

Diagnostics Microscopy and imaging

Defining Boundaries

| Michael Schubert

Third harmonic generation microscopy could allow surgeons to spot and remove tumor tissue in real-time

Outside the Lab Clinical care

Picking Out Parasites

| Michael Schubert

A new microfluidic device offers quick, affordable trypanosome detection and separation in the field

Subspecialties Technology and innovation

Paper (ELISA) Plates

| Michael Schubert

A new type of platform for HIV/HCV co-infections could offer an affordable, portable and easy to use diagnostic solution for resource-poor settings

Outside the Lab Microscopy and imaging

Color Critical?

| Michael Schubert

Researchers challenge the importance of color in dermoscopic diagnoses

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Biomarker to Predict Breast Cancer

| Michael Schubert

Ki67 in healthy breast tissue may indicate increased risk of developing the disease

Subspecialties Training and education

When Is a Cancer Not a Cancer?

| Michael Schubert

New diagnostic criteria for thyroid neoplasms prevents aggressive treatment of indolent tumors

Subspecialties Microscopy and imaging

Image of the Month

The image is a colored scanning electron micrograph of a freeze-fractured section through a bundle of myelinated nerve fibres.

Inside the Lab Oncology

The Limitations of Cancer Tests

| Melissa Pessin, Elizabeth Wagar, Lakshmi Ramanathan

Interpreting routine laboratory tests in oncology applications can be challenging

Inside the Lab Laboratory management

Rising to the POCT Challenge

| José Luis Bedini

Labs must take a proactive approach to implementing point-of-care testing and recognize their limitations and when use is and isn’t appropriate

Diagnostics Clinical care

Waging War on Pathogens

| Nancy Hanson

Molecular diagnostics are welcome reinforcements in the raging battle against institutional infection and antibiotic resistance

Outside the Lab Oncology

Animal Instincts

| Michael Schubert

Meet the four-legged diagnosticians who are sniffing out cancer’s secrets

Inside the Lab Technology and innovation

People versus Machines?

| Simon Rattenbury

Intelligent incorporation of automated technologies into pathology laboratories will improve service provision by complementing – not replacing – a highly skilled workforce

Subspecialties Genetics and epigenetics

Disrupting Cytogenetics in the Clinic

| George Vasmatzis

To select the right treatment for each cancer patient, we need fast, accurate and cost effective ways to characterize tumors. Now, with newly developed algorithms and protocols, mate pair sequencing could well be the tool we’ve been seeking

Outside the Lab Microbiology and immunology

Pathogens Unveiled

| Ephraim Tsalik

Researchers are on a mission to develop rapid point-of-care tests to establish infection cause and drive down unnecessary antibiotic use

Outside the Lab Microscopy and imaging

Motion Pictures

| Soo Kng Teo

A new imaging technique that combines high-resolution pictures with motion information may improve radiotherapy planning for lung cancer

Diagnostics Profession

Science Searches Simplified

| Elizabeth Iorns

Researcher and entrepreneur explains how she hopes to help others take a great scientific idea to reality

Outside the Lab Profession

Perfecting the Translational Balancing Act

Sitting Down With… Jennifer Grandis, Professor, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Associate Vice Chancellor – Clinical and Translational Research, University of California, San Francisco, USA.

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