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April 2021 Issue of The Pathologist

In April’s issue of The Pathologist, we open the doors to our #PathArt gallery – come and take a look around! We have lollipop lesion patterns, microscopic galaxies, path pop art – even The Cat in the Hat makes an appearance! Also in this issue: how to unlock the potential of single-cell analysis, considerations for improving pathology postgraduate training in India, the effect of seamless data transfer on improving patient care, and words of wisdom from Henry Appelman for living your best life – both in your career and beyond. We also sit down with Nat Pernick, Founder and President of

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Articles featured in this issue

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

A Receptive Field

| Michael Schubert

Are images still relevant in pathology and laboratory medicine? Yes – but they are no longer the only pillar upon which the field stands

Diagnostics Oncology

Sniffing Out Prostate Cancer with Artificial Neural Networks

| Liv Gaskill

Medical detection dogs are impractical for mass testing – so make way for a canine-mimicking, machine-based cancer detection system

Outside the Lab Profession

Pathology by the Books

| Michael Schubert

Data visualizations from the world of pathology book publishing

Diagnostics Analytical science

Amplifying Biomarker Signals by Smartphone

| Liv Gaskill

Detecting biomarkers at low concentrations is costly, sometimes inaccessible – could addressable nanoantennae on a smartphone microscope be the answer

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

One Giant Leap for Genomic Diversity

| Michael Schubert

A new study has sequenced 64 haplotypes representing 25 populations – moving human genome reference data closer to reflecting true human diversity

Subspecialties Guidelines and recommendations

Catching Cast-Off Kidneys

| Liv Gaskill

Early immunological biomarkers may help clinicians to predict renal allograft rejection and prompt early intervention

Subspecialties Analytical science

When Coronavirus Says Jump

A pangolin coronavirus has been found to share spike protein structural similarities with SARS-CoV-2 – suggesting it could infect humans

Diagnostics Biochemistry and molecular biology

Dead Cells Tell Tales

| Liv Gaskill

Using a simple blood test to identify the tissue source and genes of dead cells may be a step forward for noninvasive biopsies

Subspecialties Histology

Case of the Month

Can you select the right immunohistochemical test for this breast mass?

Outside the Lab Profession

Postgraduate Training in India

| C.N. Srinivas

Although Indian pathologists excel worldwide, the educational system leaves much to be desired

Outside the Lab Profession

Modernize Your Mindset

| Shivayogi Bhusnurmath, Bharti Bhusnurmath

Shivayogi and Bharti Bhusnurmath discuss the need to change medical schools’ attitude toward pathology, especially in India

Diagnostics Analytical science

The Vast Potential of Single-Cell Analysis

| Zachary Pitluk

Zachary Pitluk outlines the route to single-cell analysis – and the promise it holds for human health and disease

Outside the Lab Profession

Educating Patients in the Pandemic and Beyond

| E. Blair Holladay

The lab is at the forefront of not just patient care, but also patient education – and now, more than ever, we must strive to keep it there

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Let’s Do It Ourselves

| Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Healthcare management and patient care both benefit when oncology biomarker testing is performed in-house

Inside the Lab Histology

Picture Perfect Pathology

We showcase some of the best and most beautiful pathology images from the lab – from the sublime to the hilarious and more...

Diagnostics Digital and computational pathology

Staying Ahead of the Rest with Spatial Phenotyping

| Sponsored by Akoya Biosciences

With a new wave of advanced biomarker research on the horizon, spatial phenotyping can support researchers from bench to bedside

Inside the Lab Analytical science

Breaking Silos and Building Networks in UK Laboratories

| Michael Schubert

Tom Lewis discusses how improving the quality of patient care in the UK starts with laboratories

Outside the Lab Profession

Peer-to-Peer: Ivan Damjanov Interviews Henry Appelman

| Henry Appelman, Ivan Damjanov

At 85, Henry Appelman shares what his lengthy and illustrious career in gastrointestinal pathology has taught him

Outside the Lab Profession

Creating a Living Textbook

| Michael Schubert

We sit down with Nat Pernick to discuss his diverse career that led to the creation of

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