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March 2018 Issue of The Pathologist

The March issue of The Pathologist dives into the realm of preanalytical variability and the extent of its effect on test results. This issue also investigates protein biomarkers for tracking Progeria, the evolution of at-home genetic testing kits, how to overcome healthcare cuts, pathologists becoming more connected, and much more. Additionally, we sit down with Carolyn Bertozzi to talk about her career in chemistry and the digital direction of pathology.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Profession

The Magic of Mystery

| Michael Schubert

A thirst for knowledge and the need to know how things work are the building blocks of a young scientist

Diagnostics Cytology

Case of the Month

This month's case involves a retroperitonaeal tumor from a man with a history of familial tumor syndrome

Inside the Lab Quality assurance and quality control

Sub-Zero Substitute

| William Aryitey

Metal-organic frameworks can be used to overcome cold-chain hurdles

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Genotyping Guidance

| William Aryitey

New guidelines have been released for CYP2C19 genotyping

Subspecialties Oncology

The Long View

| William Aryitey

ER could alter the prognosis of breast cancer by a quarter of a century

Diagnostics Oncology

Delving into the DNA of TNBC

| William Aryitey

We learn more about the underlying mechanisms behind TNBC

Diagnostics Oncology

Results You Can Count On

| William Aryitey

The number of metastatic lymph nodes could be an important factor in the prognosis of oral cancer

Diagnostics Oncology

Anticipating NRAS Resistance

| William Aryitey

Is there a way to overcome melanoma drug resistance?

Subspecialties Digital and computational pathology

An Alternative Image of Digital Pathology

| Mike Montalto

Immuno-oncology can play a part in shaping the future of digital pathology

Outside the Lab Screening and monitoring

Managed Equipment Services: The Kenyan Story

| Mercy Korir

There's a valuable lesson to be learned from the mistakes of others

Outside the Lab Genetics and epigenetics

The Truth About Personal Genetic Tests

| Suneel Deepak Kamath

At-home genetic tests may not be as useful to patients as they seem

Diagnostics Analytical science

Garbage In, Garbage Out

| Carolyn Compton

Preanalytical variability can be a hidden danger in skewing test results. What's the best way to detect and overcome it?

Subspecialties Clinical care

Benign or Malignant

| Saul Suster

When it comes to thyroid nodules, over-treatment is just as much of a risk as under-treatment

Outside the Lab Profession

Surviving the PAMA Pinch

| Eitan Akirav and Dieter Schapfel

Adapting to changes in the lab is essential, especially when it comes to healthcare cuts

Outside the Lab Clinical care

The Esophageal Balloon

| Sanford Markowitz

Could a tiny balloon be a more efficient alternative to endoscopy for Barrett's esophagus?

Inside the Lab Bioinformatics

Variant Database Collaborations – for Cancer and Beyond

| Obi Griffith and Heidi Rehm

It's important to research relevant academic papers, but it's equally important to make sure it's still relevant

Inside the Lab Clinical care

A Call for Connected Diagnostics

| Jane Rendall

Becoming more connected and integrated is the best way to move pathology forward

Outside the Lab Profession

Chemistry Connections

| William Aryitey

Sitting Down With, Carolyn Bertozzi, Professor of Chemistry, and of Chemical & Systems Biology and Radiology, at Stanford University

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