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February 2023 Issue of The Pathologist

In January/February’s issue of The Pathologist, trot across the globe in the first ever pathology workforce visual heatmap! But some questions arise: where does availability fall short, and how do we address the issue of equity? Plus much more: a Q&A with Sir Jonathan Van-Tam and Professor Mike Osborn; the genetic mechanisms that influenced the Black Death; how we can make a leap from “digital” to “digitizing” pathology; understanding pathology leadership through a unique theory; and an interview with Sylvia Asa, consultant in endocrine pathology at Case Western Reserve University and University Health Network, Toronto, Canada.

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Articles featured in this issue

Diagnostics Omics

Proteomic Prognosis

| George Francis Lee

New research shows how proteins, RNA, and smoking status can predict lung adenocarcinoma outcomes

Diagnostics Liquid biopsy

Do Try This at Home: Testing Numbers

| George Francis Lee

Home is where the heart is, but could at-home testing be at the heart of future diagnostics?

Subspecialties Histology

A New Subtype for Castleman Disease

| George Francis Lee | 2 min read

Does idiopathic plasmacytic lymphadenopathy warrant its own disease subgroup?

Inside the Lab Technology and innovation

A Library of a Million Slides

| George Francis Lee | 2 min read

Deep learning could allow pathologists to search thousands of whole-slide images with a simple query

Subspecialties Oncology

A Tumor-Agnostic Prognostic Tool?

| Georgia Hulme

ctDNA tumor fraction acts as a prognostic biomarker across four advanced cancer types

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Does Dyslexia Have a Genotype?

| Georgia Hulme

Researchers have found 27 new genetic variants associated with dyslexia

Outside the Lab Training and education

Reliable Synthesis Theory: A Call for Future Leadership

| Kristine McCluskey | 6 min read

How can pathology educators produce resilience in the training environment? Perhaps a novel theory can help us answer…

Outside the Lab Training and education

Setting Your Priorities Straight

| Sarah Glogowski | 3 min read

From a supportive culture to open communication, choosing a pathology residency program should come with some non-negotiables

Outside the Lab Profession

Inclusion Inroads

| E. Blair Holladay | 3 min read

A deep understanding of issues facing pathology and lab medicine is needed to shape the future of the field

Outside the Lab Profession

Constant Demand, Patchy Supply

| Andrey Bychkov, Michael Schubert | 20 min read

Mapping out availability of pathologists across the globe

Diagnostics Biochemistry and molecular biology

A Perfect Molecular Match

| Anona Bamford | 6 min read

Syndromic molecular testing can give us greater insight into the infectious disease landscape – and potentially prevent future pandemics

Subspecialties Histology

Targeting the Forgotten

| Angelene Berwick, Graham Holland, Bradford Power, Nicolas M. Orsi | 5 min read

How to empower patients in histopathology diagnostics as we navigate the emergent digital era

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

Feeling the Selective Pressure

| Liv Gaskill | 2 min read

Key genetic differences may have determined who survived the Black Death pandemic – and how our immune system respond to diseases today

Diagnostics COVID-19

Pathology Versus Pandemic

| Michael Schubert | 10 min read

Sir Jonathan Van-Tam and Mike Osborn discuss the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic – and how lab medicine professionals stepped up to combat it

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Blood Bots

| George Francis Lee | 3 min read

By leveraging the power of AI, computers can detect leukemia in blood samples – with human accuracy

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Picture Perfect: Embracing Digital Pathology 2.0

| Prasanth Perugupalli | 2 min read

Thanks to automation, algorithms and computer vision, a new age of digital pathology has arrived.

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Looking Through a New Lens

| Catarina Eloy, Junya Fukuoka, Anil Parwani, Colin White | 3 min read

Digital pathology is static; we need a mindset shift to the dynamic process of digitizing pathology

Inside the Lab Quality assurance and quality control

For Your Reference

| Keith Miller | 9 min read

Immunohistochemistry is in desperate need of reference standards to ensure accuracy, consistency, and objectivity

Outside the Lab Training and education

A Connected Future for Pathology

| Chuan Chen, Yi Zhu, Xingchen Li, Wangpan Shi, Axin Yu, Casey P. Schukow, Kamran Mirza | 7 min read

A virtual pathology interest group helping international medical graduates apply for residency and begin their careers in North America

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

A Unique Perspective

| Michael Schubert, Aleksandra Jones | 5 min read

Integrating digital pathology into large medical centers wasn’t easy, but it was essential

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