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February 2018 Issue of The Pathologist

Our February issue continues the foray into computation pathology and how it can improve a pathologist’s job. We also cover biodegradable bioelectric sensors, how metabolomics can give us more knowledge about glaucoma’s origins, the role of the modern pathologist, and a club dedicated to microscopy slides. Plus, we sit down with Elizabeth Montgomery to discuss her illustrious career.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Profession

Reading Between the Lines

| Michael Schubert

The importance of making your literature readable and accessible to peers across the field

Subspecialties Clinical care

Case of the Month

Can you work out the cause of this patient's adrenal failure?

Outside the Lab Precision medicine

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

| William Aryitey

A miniature sensor powered by pressure can help monitor vital physiological functions

Inside the Lab Screening and monitoring

Sweet Tears

| Ruth Steer

Diseases like diabetes can be tracked using a high-tech noninvasive contact lens

Diagnostics Analytical science

Pixel Perfect

| William Aryitey

Improving on-chip tissue sample analysis with pixelated RT-LAMP

Outside the Lab Microbiology and immunology

Super Saliva Test

| William Aryitey

Can an oral fluid assay for HIV be as sensitive as a blood test?

Diagnostics Oncology

Brightening the Forecast for Skin Cancer

| William Aryitey

Testing ctDNA in the blood could aid in predicting relapse risk for melanoma patients

Diagnostics Omics

Move Out of the Tunnel… and into the Light!

| João Barbosa-Breda

Metabolomics may hold the key to boosting the speed of glaucoma diagnosis

Subspecialties Oncology

A Blip on the Radar

| Susan Schubert

A nurse's experience as a patient gave her a greater appreciation of the overall medical process

Diagnostics Oncology

Has Tumor Profiling Caught Up to Cancer?

| Scott Skibo

Is ddPCR the solution to late genetic results and delayed treatment?

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

The Promise of Computational Pathology: Part II

| Manuel Salto-Tellez, Peter Hamilton

What can computational pathology do for you in the clinic?

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

A Strategy for Success

| Chris Hudson

Computational pathology could elevate the UK's life sciences sector to new heights

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Rise of the Computers

| Babak Bejnordi

Could the computational revolution offer pathologists a digital colleague?

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

An Eye on AI

| Daniel Ting

Artificial intelligence aids overworked diagnosticians in detecting eye diseases

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

To Adopt and Integrate

| Jeffrey Golden

How can we keep up with AI when it becomes integrated into healthcare systems?

Inside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

The Devil’s Advocate

| Anil Parwani

Some pathologists are skeptical of computational pathology. Should they be?

Inside the Lab Biochemistry and molecular biology

From Moore’s Law to Molecular Alterations

| Matthew Evans, Philippe Tanière

Pathologists are in an excellent position to take advantage of what technology has to offer

Diagnostics Analytical science

A Sketch For Success

| Sophie Zaaijer

MinION sketching allows simple, quick DNA re-idenitification

Outside the Lab Precision medicine

No Longer Just the Doctor’s Doctor

| Sandip SenGupta

The role of a modern pathologist is becoming more integrated with healthcare

Outside the Lab Profession

The Beauty of Glass

| Ivan Damjanov, Saul Suster

Ivan Damjanov interviews Saul Suster, founder of the AMR club - dedicated to microsope slides

Outside the Lab Profession

Landing the Lead Role... in Pathology

Sitting Down With… Elizabeth Montgomery, Professor of Pathology, Oncology and Orthopedic Surgery at Johns Hopkins

Diagnostics Oncology

Resolving the Pathologist's Dilemma

| Sponsored by NanoString

Current assays present a choice between spatial, information, and plex. But compromise may not be necessary

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