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January 2017 Issue of The Pathologist

Welcome to our January issue. We’re introducing a new Case of the Month segment, where you get to test your diagnostic skills. Our Upfront articles delve into the diagnostic capabilities of camel urine, Raman spectroscopy’s ability in identifying IBD, and a simple solution to screening for endometrial cancer. In My View weighs up the real cost of NGS, and whether you can use it more cost-effectively. Our Feature celebrates the similarities between pathologists across the ocean – how different is pathology carried out on either side of the Atlantic? In Practice focuses on importance of computer scientists, NextGen covers CRISPRs counterparts, and Profession explores pathology in war-torn countries. We Sit Down With Chair of the Department of Imaging & Pathology Tania Roskams.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Profession

We Want You!

| Fedra Pavlou

The Pathologist officially launches in the US and Canada! And we're delighted by your support

Subspecialties Histology

Case of the Month

Take part in our inaugural Case of the Month! Can you identify what disease lies within?

Subspecialties Clinical care

Only Tau Will Tell...

| William Aryitey

The tau protein may be a useful biomarker of concussion, and determing when athletes can return to sports

Subspecialties Microbiology and immunology

Number One Mystery

| James Strachan

Could the solution for diagnostics and treatments for African sleeping sickness lie in camel urine?

Diagnostics Analytical science

Instant Raman

| William Aryitey

Raman spectroscopy could offer a non-invasive, real-time diagnostic for IBD

Subspecialties Neurology

Prion Pursuit

| William Aryitey

A new blood-borne diagnostic for vCJD identifies the disease with 100 percent sensitivity

Subspecialties Microbiology and immunology

The Power of Pyrin

| William Aryitey

FMF patients can remain undiagnosed for years, but a new diagnostic hopes to alleviate that

Outside the Lab Hematology

Troponin at the Heart of it

| William Aryitey

Could cardiac troponin levels track more than just damage in the heart?

Outside the Lab Oncology

A Simple Solution?

| William Aryitey

The key to screening for endometrial cancer may lie in a simple saline solution

Inside the Lab Bioinformatics

The Real Cost of NGS

| Linnea Baudhuin

The expensive nature resource restraints of NGS can be reduced with careful planning

Outside the Lab Microbiology and immunology

Classifying the Unclassifiable

| Didier Raoult

Classification needs to adapt as the rest of science does, lest we stifle progress

Inside the Lab Microscopy and imaging

How Serious Are You About Quality?

| Linda Zuchowski

Could telemicroscopy be the answer to solving Gram stain inaccuracy?

Outside the Lab Profession

An Ocean Apart

| Suzy Lishman, Michael Prystowsky, Han van Krieken, Victor Tron, William Schreiber

North America and Europe are quite distinct, but how similar are they when it comes to pathology?

Diagnostics Genetics and epigenetics

DNA on the Cutting Room Floor

| Charlotte Barker

CRISPR is the new kid on the block, but do ZFNs and TALENs still have a place?

Subspecialties Analytical science

Under Pressure

| David Bruns, James Harrison, Garrett Mullins

Transporting blood through pneumatic tube systems may have a bigger impact on samples than we thought

Inside the Lab Technology and innovation

Working with the IT Crowd

| Peter Maccallum

How can researchers, clinicians, and computing departments collaborate in the most productive way?

Inside the Lab Laboratory management

Pathology of War

| Rafil Yaqo

In war-torn regions like the Middle East, the strain on resources and laboratories is even greater than usual

Outside the Lab Profession

Cuban Connections

| Robin Stombler

US delegates have attended a landmark congress in Cuba, for the betterment of pathology

Outside the Lab Profession

Mother of Ambition

| Fedra Pavlou

Tania Roskams, Chair of the Department of Imaging & Pathology, University of Leuven, Belgium

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