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January 2016 Issue of The Pathologist

Welcome to the January issue. Our Upfront topics include disease-predicting proteins, the ongoing debate over cancer screening, and the worldwide agar shortage. Our Feature profiles Manuel Sobrinho-Simões, Portugal’s leading pathologist and a significant proponent of molecular biology with some controversial opinions on the digital revolution. In Practice features automated paraffin block storage, and in NextGen we look at an inexpensive prototype 3D-printed in vivo microscope. In Profession, we see the power of the #PathArt hashtag and online community-building, and we Sit Down With Fred Bosman, Professor Emeritus at the University Institute of Pathology, University Medical Center of Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Digital and computational pathology

Our Technological Crutches

| Fedra Pavlou

Is almost complete reliance on technology a good thing?

Outside the Lab Point of care testing

Another Blow for Fingerprick Diagnostics

| Roisin McGuigan

The demand for simple, point-of-care fingerprick testing is growing, but could a study highlighting drop-to-drop sample variation throw a spanner in the works?

Inside the Lab Microbiology and immunology

Under the Sea

| Roisin McGuigan

Shortages of Gelidium are affecting the global supply of agar, driving up prices and causing decreased availability

Outside the Lab Oncology

Screening Out Controversy...

| Michael Schubert

A new screening method for clinically significant prostate cancer may provide more precision and reduce the risk of overtreatment

Outside the Lab Oncology

...And Challenging the Campaigns

| Roisin McGuigan

As more and more emerging study data fails to definitively support cancer screening, is it time for a study design overhaul?

Diagnostics Microbiology and immunology

Predictive Protein

Citrullinated tenascin-C may offer the ability to detect incipient rheumatoid arthritis in a subset of patients as much as 16 years before the onset of disease

Diagnostics Oncology

The Smaller Picture

Research group attempts to establish the evolutionary behavior of cancer cells, with interesting results…

Diagnostics Microbiology and immunology

Rooting out Resistance

| Roisin McGuigan

New software for analyzing genetic data could bring simple antibiotic resistance information to your tablet or laptop

Outside the Lab Laboratory management

What Will Red Tape Mean for LDTs?

| James Nichols

New regulations in the US set to change the way LDTs are developed – and could stifle innovation

Outside the Lab Point of care testing


| T. Scott Isbell

Does point-of-care testing have a true positive effect on patient outcomes, or is it simply a perceived benefit?

Outside the Lab Genetics and epigenetics

Behind the Curve

| Valerie Schneider

Education and new tools critical to solving the slow adoption of updated reference assembly data

Diagnostics Profession

An Award-Winning Career

| Fedra Pavlou

Voted Number One on The Pathologist Power List, Manuel Sobrinho-Simões, talks profession, politics, education, innovation, and the ups and the downs of a career that has inspired generations of pathologists.

Diagnostics Hematology

The Many Faces of Follicular Lymphoma

| German Ott

Follicular lymphoma is currently viewed as a single disease entity – but will recent pathologic findings redefine our perspective?

Inside the Lab Profession

A Cure-All For Block Management Woes?

| Valérie Costes Martineau, Laure Dumas, Nicolas Leventoux

Automated paraffin block storage systems can increase traceability and security while reducing the time and effort needed to sort and store

Diagnostics Histology

Printed Pathology

| Hany Osman

A 3D-printed prototype in vivo microscope may make an expensive technology cheap and customizable

Inside the Lab Companion diagnostics

Benchmarking Companion Diagnostics

What does analysis of the last five years of literature on companion diagnostics tell us about the priorities of the field, and the contributors to it?

Subspecialties Profession

The Power of #PathArt

Social media initiatives like the popular #PathArt hashtag draw attention to pathology and help distant lab medicine professionals connect

Inside the Lab Profession

Trial by Fire

Sitting Down With… Fred Bosman, Professor Emeritus at the University Institute of Pathology, University Medical Center of Lausanne, Switzerland.

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