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The Innovators 2018


Stilla Technologies is a Paris-based biotechnology company that focuses on accelerating the development of next generation genetic tests by providing innovative instrumentation for digital PCR

In 2016, Stilla Technologies launched the Naica SystemTM, the first and only digital PCR solution to offer three-color multiplexing. By encapsulating all steps for digital PCR in a single chip, the Naica SystemTM offers a fast and user-friendly solution, rendering digital PCR accessible to all.

The sample is first flowed through a network of microchannels and partitioned into a large 2D array of 30,000 individual droplets, also called a droplet crystal. PCR is then performed on-chip and the crystal is imaged to reveal the droplets that contain amplified targets. The last step consists of counting the number of these positive droplets to precisely extract the absolute quantity of nucleic acids.

With CrystalTM Digital PCR, the combination of powerful image analysis and intuitive visual inspection offers an unmatched level of confidence in digital PCR measurement, yielding data you can truly trust.


Inpeco enables full tracking of a specimens’ journey, from vein to result

“Inpeco is emerging as the only company that has an overarching proposal for the automation and control of the total testing process from its origination point – not just the tasks inside the lab.” With these words, Frost & Sullivan’s researchers presented their recent Best Practice Award to Inpeco.

And it’s true. Inpeco’s innovation is unique because of its expertise with automating and tracking the entire specimen process workflow – from the collection point, through the clinical laboratory, all the way to delivery of the results. Inpeco’s solutions for automation and traceability create a seamless and touchless link throughout all processing steps, delivering unparalleled transparency and control of every event in the workflow.

ProTube is the smart collection solution for a quick, safe draw and check-in of samples at the collection point, where it interfaces with the Lab Automation suite of solutions (FlexLab, Aptio for Siemens, or a3600 for Abbott), connecting a wide range of specialties from hematology to microbiology. Are your analyzers ready to connect? Check Inpeco’s website to find out.

By removing manual tasks from the testing process, Inpeco’s systems allow for safe and predictable return – the cornerstone of high-quality laboratory results. Laboratories can meet clinicians’ expectations in a timely manner, eliminate error-prone routine tasks, and devote resources to value-added analysis that lead to a more satisfactory patient experience. And, of course, it’s high-quality blood samples that make clinical laboratories compliant with regulatory requirements and allow for accreditations and certifications.

Speed and precision are essential for truly top-quality results – and both are seamlessly delivered by Inpeco’s suite of Total Testing Process solutions.


A major departure from traditional transmission electron microscopes, the Delong Instruments LVEM 25 is pioneering in its field


The design of transmission electron microscopes hasn’t changed much in decades. These complex and difficult-to-operate behemoths are generally sequestered in basements, with many still capturing micrographs on film to be developed at a later time in a darkroom.

Introducing the revolutionary LVEM 25 – compact, easy to use, and designed to be installed where electron microscopy is needed most. This unique instrument features a miniature electron-optical column that employs permanent-magnet lenses and a 25 kV Field Emission Gun (FEG). The microscope does not demand a dedicated room, vibration isolation, special power supplies, or cooling of any kind.

The LVEM 25 is perfectly suited for pathologists who require electron microscopy. With 1.0 nm resolution, the LVEM 25 provides highly contrasted and detailed digital micrographs in real time from both stained and unstained samples. In addition, the LVEM 25 does not require any adaptation to existing sample preparation protocols.

The computer-controlled LVEM 25 includes intuitive software with simple adjustments for illumination, magnification, and image optimization as well as onscreen measurements and statistics and live histogram correction.

Already contributing in the field of pathology, the LVEM 25 truly is fast, compact, and powerful.


True innovation: from fresh biospecimens to stained frozen sections, of permanent-like quality, in less than 10 minutes

Pathologists around the world rely on frozen sections to provide intraoperative consultations when the surgeon requires a rapid diagnosis or immediate feedback with regards to surgical margins. Conventional frozen sections do indeed have a short turnaround time of approximately 15–20 minutes, but with big disadvantages: significantly lower diagnostic quality than paraffin sections because of artifacts and high variability/diversity in staining protocols.

But here is a game-changer: the truly innovative Presto system by Milestone Srl, which makes it possible to produce frozen sections with permanent-like quality by combining the innovative and artifact-free freezing technique of the PrestoCHILL with the outstanding PRESTO PRO processing and staining unit. The face-down cryoembedding technique of the PrestoCHILL results in the fastest possible freezing (thus eliminating the formation of artifacts) by placing the sample directly on the -40°C metal surface.

The PRESTO PRO stainer, in turn, delivers reproducible, consistent, and high-quality results. Thanks to its continuous slide loading, it processes and stains with a very high throughput to increase efficiency in any laboratory. It can be set to run protocols according to specific laboratory requirements, uses a laboratory’s own staining reagents, and is highly adaptable to any special needs and requirements. PrestoCHILL and PRESTO PRO are both intended to run 24/7 without the need for cleaning cycles, minimizing regular downtime. And last, but not least, neither toxic nor dangerous reagents are used in the system, thus safeguarding the operator. The Presto system delivers next generation frozen sections: extremely fast results without compromising on quality – while creating a safer and healthier working environment.


Smarter specimen collection means smarter healthcare


Thanks to the latest technological advances, it is now possible to get enormous amounts of information from tiny amounts of blood. Now, there’s a way to collect these small samples with the precision required for an age of smarter healthcare.

The Mitra® device, powered by Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS™) technology, creates a smarter sampling event. This simple device opens new pathways and possibilities across clinical trials, precision medicine, and the entire spectrum of health and wellness.

Precise, volumetrically accurate specimens of blood (or other biological fluids) can now be collected anywhere, at any time, by almost anyone, with minimal training required. This ease and precision allows for remote sampling, taking collection out of the clinic and forging a new link for a more patient-centered lab.

The early adopters of Neoteryx’s microsampling technology have already achieved breakthroughs in remote patient monitoring, pediatric patient satisfaction, and research in low-resource regions – and other new areas are only just beginning to be explored.

One drop of blood can make a world of difference. Join the microsampling revolution and discover why smarter sampling is essential for smarter healthcare.


Sakura Finetek USA, Inc. recently launched the Tissue-Tek Genie® Advanced Staining System for fully automated immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in-situ hybridization (ISH)


The problem

In IHC laboratories, there are tremendous pressures to diagnose faster and to help clinicians make the best treatment decision for their patients. But the reality is different. Long turnaround times, inconsistent stain quality, sorting and grouping of slides and reagents, and inefficient workflows all prevent such laboratories from achieving their goals.

The concept

Tissue-Tek Genie enables users to load any IHC or ISH slide, at any time, on any station, on any instrument. It handles cases and single slides with the same turnaround time and can start staining on the fly. Laboratories can start working smarter today to help improve patient outcomes tomorrow.

Stop sorting, gain time

With its 30 fully independent staining stations, the Genie offers true random access and does not slow down when more slides are added. Users can eliminate time-consuming slide sorting or grouping, and instead simply load their next most important slide or case.

Flexibility that liberates

Laboratories can use Genie’s unique and innovative single-use capsules for antibodies or probes and load them on Genie together with the slides. The Genie Pro Detection Systems and 250-test cartridges are loaded into the system’s carousel, which delivers the reagents in timed cycles. Genie allows users to realize flexibility, better economy, and faster turnaround time.

Quality that excites

Histotechnologists can leverage the full slide coverage technology and mount specimen sections of any size, in any location on the slide, and always get uniform staining. Genie does not use expensive slide covers or messy oils. Sakura Finetek partnered with a world-leading external quality assurance institute to assure optimal stain quality for our entire menu of antibodies.

Fast to learn, easy to operate

The Genie Software uses intuitive graphics and two-mouse-click navigation for simplified operation, and provides a comprehensive status at a glance. The replacement of bulk reagents and waste bottles is quick and strain-free.

About Sakura Finetek USA

With its US office based in Torrance, California, Sakura Finetek is the global leader in advancing cancer diagnostics by providing integrated solutions for anatomic pathology and patient treatment through best-in-class innovation, quality, and customer care.

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