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Next-Gen Tissue Processing

sponsored by Bio-Optica

The B-PRO450 is an innovative tissue processor that combines a traditional approach to tissue processing with the reliability of a next-generation system. Capable of routinely and quickly processing up to 450 histological samples, the B-PRO450 ensures an extremely high level of sample standardization. The B-PRO450 was developed according to the latest European In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) as a key point for standardizing pre-analytics and enabling the most important diagnostic and pharmacotherapeutic investigations. Here, The Pathologist speaks with the manufacturer, Bio-Optica, to learn more about the B-PRO450 – and the evolution of tissue processing.

How does standardization of IVDR certified protocols ensure reliable results for molecular diagnostic investigations?

IVDR is a vital regulation that defines what is needed for in vitro diagnostic purposes. Each component of the sample preparation in histology has a crucial role in determining the quality of the result – and ensuring a correct diagnosis or efficient therapeutic approach for the patient. To achieve this goal, a well-defined condition needs to be determined in the early phase of sample preparation: the tissue processing. Certified protocols and reagents help technicians achieve the right standardization of the histological sample. This is not about simply working with a tissue processor but rather interacting with a fully-certified system.

What innovative safety features does the B-PRO450 include?

To answer this question, a step back is needed: what does safety mean for us? We have a dichotomic perspective on safety. Firstly, safety as a guarantee of correct diagnosis is now possible with the presence of an efficient algorithm that helps complete the processing cycles when unexpected conditions occur. Thanks to sensors and checkpoints that make the B-PRO450 extremely reliable, as well as a reagent tank identification system, mistakes in reagent handling can also be avoided. Secondly, the safety of the users, on the other hand, is achieved with features that have resulted from continuous research and development, including the anti-burning technology to manage waste paraffin removal and an efficient air filtration system.

How is process reliability ensured with the system?

The B-PRO450 includes a self-diagnostic check of all sensitive parts of the instrument (B-Check). This procedure is performed automatically before each process and before the recruitment of each single reagent, preventing unexpected stops during tissue processing. Additionally, the system constantly monitors the status of the equipment throughout processing.

In case of unexpected anomalies, the B-PRO450 can automatically choose alternative ways to bypass the issue and complete the process. Furthermore, to reduce intervention times, remote-support control is also available.

How can the B-PRO450 improve the lab workflow for sample management?

Four different protocols are available to fulfill the needs of a diagnostic histology lab: fast processing of 1–3 mm biopsies, fast processing of 3–5 mm biopsies, a weekend customized protocol, and an overnight routine. It is also possible to run a reverse protocol to “de-process” the samples in case of emergency to achieve initial conditions of the tissue. And because of the high efficiency of protocols that employ traditional reagents, there’s no need to separate the samples according to their characteristics – something that really helps optimize and simplify sample management.

What are the main features of the reagent management tool?

A color-coded identification system allows the correct reagent tank to be effectively distinguished. Different tank cap colors are used for each reagent type. 

In addition, the system includes the aforementioned reagent tank identification system to maximize safety, traceability, and easy reagent change. The software facilitates identification of reagent tanks, avoiding errors during reagent replacement and ensuring traceability through lot identification. Meanwhile, the reagent management system automatically monitors and reports reagent and paraffin consumption using a dedicated algorithm, which indicates the progressive reduction of the processing capacity of each individual reagent. 

With such advanced technology, is user-friendliness compromised?

Quite the opposite! The B-PRO450 is a very user-friendly system, with a simple and intuitive graphic interface for functional control and check on reagent status. Overall, this technologically advanced system ensures superior quality results with a simplified workflow.

About Bio-Optica

Founded in 1977, Bio-Optica is firmly established in, and committed to, the anatomic pathology market. With its complete and unique portfolio of instruments, reagents and consumables, it operates in both national and international markets. For over 40 years, Bio-Optica has worked to offer its quality solutions and products to hospitals and laboratories all over the world. A reference brand in anatomic pathology, founded in Italy, Bio-Optica has always believed and invested in its own country, with the goal of ensuring everyone’s most valuable asset: their health. 

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