Consolidation Lessons Learned
02/17/2020 | Simon Brewer
The managing director of South West London Pathology discusses the past five years and why the service is making significant investments in technology
Rapid Action Against MRSA
02/14/2020 | Michael Schubert
Rapid, accessible, noninvasive technologies to detect MRSA could help diagnose patients and prevent transmission
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Can you solve our latest case? A 20-year-old female presented with fever of unknown origin, normocytic anemia, neutrophilia, diffuse lymphadenopathy, and splenomegaly – but what is your diagnosis?

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Product Profile
MMI CellScan - The most versatile Whole Slide Imaging system

The MMI CellScan scans digital images using all objectives and imaging modes, even fluorescence. This very powerful and flexible tool exceeds the capabilities of standard slide scanners on the market today. Read more

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Industry innovators showcase novel solutions for pathology and laboratory medicine. If you’re in search of the next step for your lab’s evolution, these technologies may be what you’re looking for.

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