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Going Digital: Can Everything In Pathology Be Consolidated?
09/03/2020 | Jane Rendall
Digital pathology is a means to an end – that’s why laboratory medicine professionals need to guide conversations about digitization and consolidation
Spatial Biomarkers and Immunotherapy Response
09/04/2020 | Cliff Hoyt
To improve immunotherapy outcomes, we need to explore new biomarkers that offer spatial resolution in the tumor microenvironment
Connecting the Laboratory Community
09/01/2020 | E. Blair Holladay
Our connections give us strength – and that strength allows us to be the foundation of healthcare
Why Didn’t They Teach This in Med School?
09/02/2020 | Ivan Damjanov
The sixth segment of our series of weird and wonderful medical terms and diagnoses that you probably weren’t aware of
Tweet of the Month

Did you see our favorite tweet from this month? Cory Nash highlights the importance of gross pathology. We recommend reading the whole thread!

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One Test Detects IgM, IgA and IgG

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