Not Just Small Adults
08/04/2019 | Charles van Heyningen
Charles van Heyningen describes the evolution of pediatric laboratory medicine and the need for a specialty devoted to the lab needs of young patients
Improvement Through Engagement
08/01/2019 | E. Blair Holladay
Pathologists and laboratory professionals have a responsibility to engage with patients and the public to raise awareness of their vital work
Keeping Up
08/05/2019 | Michael Schubert
Continuing professional development is a challenge – particularly as the speed of technological development increases and time becomes more precious
08/02/2019 | Jonathan James
A neural network called STORK can predict embryo quality with over 90 percent accuracy, offering fresh hope for successful in vitro fertilization.
A Thorough Examination

In response to August’s feature, James Dickinson says that, for students to actively seek out voluntary experiences in pathology, it needs to appear more frequently in exams. Read his comment here.

What’s Your Diagnosis?

Think you can solve August’s Case of the Month? Let us know your diagnosis here! Send your interesting slides or images to and they could feature as a future case.

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