The September/October issue of The Pathologist takes a look under the hood of healthcare artificial intelligence and asks: is AI ethical? In the first half, we put forward five pillars of AI ethics relevant to lab professionals and pathologists. In the second, we speak with bioethicist Francis McKay on how the field can avoid another “AI winter.”

Dan Norton discusses the infinite potential of tumor-informed liquid biopsies to signal changes in cancer development

Seeking out DNA-based tools for effective wastewater epidemiology with Francisco Bizouarn

Tian Yu discusses what the future holds for spatial biology

Mark Wick sits down for a peer-to-peer interview with Ivan Damjanov

And plenty more: Brice Ezzouaouy explores the benefits of new regulatory standards for in vitro diagnostic devices, Wei Juan Wong explores how whole-slide imaging could solve the challenge of COVID-19, cloud-based cancer care solutions, the genetic core of autism, and Sitting Down With Catherine Ketcham, pathology journal editor at the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology

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