Bridging the Gap
06/09/2020 | Timothy Craig Allen, Marissa Spencer, Cory Nash, John Eckman, Mariam Molani, Adam Booth
Pathologist’s assistants play a key role in educating residents in the laboratory
Why Didn’t They Teach This in Med School?
06/10/2020 | Ivan Damjanov
The third installment of our series of weird and wonderful medical terms and diagnoses that you probably weren't aware of
The Challenge of Coming From Elsewhere
06/11/2020 | Silvana Di Palma
International medical graduates may have difficulty integrating into new cultures – a challenge that can impact health, integration, and wellbeing
In Focus: T. rex Lymphoma
06/05/2020 | Luca Roncati
In a newly identified form of Richter’s transformation, an indolent B-cell lymphoma may develop into aggressive T-cell disease
Tweet of the Week

For anyone who may still need convincing of the dangers of COVID-19, Tatiana Prowell brings us this article and gross photograph of a lung damaged by the disease.

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Five Reasons to implement LC-MS platforms for your laboratory developed tests

Implementing LC-MS requires sufficient justification and commitment of resources but can have a very positive impact on clinical and business goals.
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Be Sure, Today and Tomorrow—LC-MS in Clinical Research

The fabulous scientific advances witnessed in the world of analytical sciences have had a profound influence on the health, comfort and welfare of mankind.
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Investigating cell-free DNA in liquid biopsy

Liquid biopsy will be a game changer for personalized medicine. Challenges and opportunities in measuring cell-free DNA from liquid samples is discussed in this white paper. Download Application Note

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Be Sure - Confidence and Productivity in Laboratory Developed Tests

With so much riding on something so small, why would you choose anything else? Be sure.

For in vitro diagnostic use. Specifications subject to change. Availability of product in each country depends on local regulatory marketing authorization status.

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