In November’s issue of The Pathologist, we hear from the pathobot community about AI, diagnostics, and social media collaboration. How did the AI-driven bot come about? How does it work? And what can it do for pathologists and laboratory medicine professionals in the #PathTwitter community? Also in this issue…

Pranav Pramod Patwardhan highlights the value of morphology in pathology

Colton Biehl and Kamran Mirza dispel medical professionals’ misconceptions about pathology

We hear about how the Dear Pandemic campaign is fighting COVID-19 misinformation one fact at a time

Aishwarya Khanduja and Charlene Tang discuss the need to understand challenges in digital pathology to unlock the promise of computational pathology

And much more: the key to fast and accurate C. difficile diagnosis, extracting hidden data to improve patient outcomes, and an interview with Matthias Mann, Professor of Proteomics and Signal Transduction, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Munich, and Director at the NNF Protein Research Center, Copenhagen

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