The Art of Grossing
11/26/2019 | Michael Schubert, Cory Nash, Jesse McCoy
Pathologists’ assistants Cory Nash and Jesse McCoy unpick the AAPA’s Grossing Guidelines and provide an insight into the gross examination of tissue
Quick Hits
11/24/2019 | Luke Turner
Read these bite-size breakthroughs to discover the latest research in the field of diagnostic medicine
The Road to Augmented Pathology
11/21/2019 | Laszlo Igali, Ferenc Igali
What place does virtual and augmented reality have in the future of pathology?
A Distant Dream
11/27/2019 | Rohit Jain
How can we develop laboratory standards and regulations in India to close the gap between the services we offer and the services our patients need?
Tweet of the Week

Power List 2019 winner and true trailblazer Valerie Fitzhugh was recently elected as the first black, female Vice President of the New Jersey Society of Pathologists. Congratulations!

Be Sociable!

The 2019 edition of the Power List caused quite a storm on Twitter. Follow us @pathologistmag and use #PathPower19 to discover the reaction and join the discussion about our trailblazers!

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Introducing the New World of NGS

Thermo Fisher Scientific has recently introduced the Ion Torrent Genexus System. Don’t miss our demo webinar on December 5, 2019!

Implementing Multiplexed Spatial Analysis of the Tumor Microenvironment:

Don’t miss hearing speakers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center discuss how they implemented an automated, multiplexed tissue imaging platform for spatial profiling of the tumor microenvironment.
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Product Profiles
Atellica® Diagnostics IT – Less work. More Flow.

Atellica® Diagnostics IT leverages data-driven innovation to simplify workflows. Read more

BreastIHC - Robust Ki-67, ER and PR quantification

BreastIHC is a new artificial intelligence software for quantification of breast tissue. It was developed with the many lab-specific variations in mind, resulting in unique robustness and accuracy. Read more

Special Promotions
Hamamatsu Photonics hosting private workshops at the Digital Pathology and AI Congress 2019

Hamamatsu Photonics will be hosting free of charge workshops, providing an exclusive opportunity to learn about hardware and software solutions for digital pathology. Register here

A New world of NGS, A New day for precision oncology

Meet the Oncomine™ Precision Assay on Genexus NGS System, a new generation solution for genomic profilingProfile 50 key genes  in 1 day and combine your IHC results with NGS for complete profile. Read more

Upcoming Events

Be it a large congress at a huge venue or an expert meeting that fits around a table, these events are a fantastic way to network and educate yourself on the latest developments in the laboratory medicine industry – so why not take a look at our list of upcoming events?

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