#6 Fred Bosman


Fred Bosman

Asked for his advice to young pathologists, Fred – whose career in gastrointestinal pathology spans 40 years – says, “Be happy that you chose a very dynamic discipline in modern medicine. Realize that pathology is ‘understanding disease,’ and only through this understanding can optimal diagnostic support be provided and tomorrow’s medicine developed.” Now emeritus, his most recent position was as professor and director of the University Institute of Pathology at the University Medical Center of Lausanne. He’s also been the president of the Society for Histochemistry, the Dutch Society for Pathology and the European Society of Pathology, and is honorary fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists and foreign correspondent of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences. After publishing over 350 papers and 50 book chapters, Fred continues to sit on the editorial boards of numerous international journals in his field, edit textbooks, and advocate for more integration of the various disciplines that make up laboratory medicine.