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Issue #0518
Top Articles
So You Want to Be a Pathologist…
Does pathology have a recruitment problem? Nadeem Zafar and Jennifer Baccon examine the discipline and its specialties to find out how best to recruit the next generation of pathologists.
Quick Copy
Ligand-mediated PCR whole genome amplification could be the key to quicker copy number alteration detection which, in turn, leads to a faster and more streamlined approach to analyzing circulating tumor cells.
Caring, Concern, and Consistency
Quality control and quality assurance are both crucial aspects of life in the lab. But how do they actually affect the testing processes? Tim Woods investigates the effect on blood tests.
Do you have a histopathology slide that might stump fellow pathologists? Then send it to, and your work could feature as an upcoming Case of the Month! Take a look at our latest case and tell us your diagnosis.
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Using Whole Slide Imaging for Primary Diagnosis: An implementation journey and future directions
Dr. Anil Parwani, Professor of Pathology at The Ohio State University, will demonstrate how he and his team successfully implemented high throughput whole slide imaging for primary diagnosis, increasing their operational efficiencies.

Wednesday 30 May 2018 at 12pm EDT / 6pm CEST
Product Profiles
Redefining Reference Standards
Horizon’s Reference Standards give you confidence, consistency and control over your oncology assays. We produce high quality, cell line-derived Reference Standards suitable for NGS, liquid biopsy and sanger/qPCR assays. Our wide range of formats include FFPE, gDNA, cfDNA, RNA fusions and more!
What would it mean to your research if you could develop better cancer biomarkers?
Accurately quantify cellular interactions in the tumor microenvironment, identify novel biomarkers, and gain a better understanding of disease mechanisms with Phenoptics™ research solutions from PerkinElmer, leading to stratification of cases for translational research.
Upcoming Events
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