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Issue #1018
Top Articles
A Community of Equals
From students to society presidents, everyone has an equal voice in pathology. This respect amongst laboratory professionals is remarkable and refreshing.
Fluid Evidence
A new biomarker could be the target of a precise, reproducible liquid biopsy to predict how skin and lung cancer patients will respond to immunotherapy.
It Takes a Village
Blair Holladay celebrates the success of the entire laboratory network, with those at every stage of the process vital to achieving optimum patient care.
Do you have a histopathology slide that might stump fellow pathologists? Then send it to, and your work could feature as an upcoming Case of the Month! Take a look at our latest case and tell us your diagnosis.
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Principles and considerations for Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB) testing
Register your place for the illumina webinar on November 27, 2018 at 17.00 CET on Principles and Considerations for Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB).
Agilent Genomics Solutions
The future is now for NGS and pathology. Are you ready?
Agilent is helping pathology labs and pathologists avoid pitfalls while adopting DNA sequencing. Learn best wet-lab practices, basics of data analysis, and the impact of our clinical-grade draft reports on precision medicine. Join Agilent on the new frontier of cancer pathology.
Product Profiles
Comprehensive NGS assay profiles both DNA and RNA variants
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) targeted panel of 170 genes associated with solid tumors to provide comprehensive coverage of many variant types that most likely to play a role in tumorigenesis.
We listened. We learned. Now we lead.
EKF Diagnostics has developed Quo-Lab, a semi-automated HbA1c analyser, in conjunction with industry experts to deliver a product that meets the requirements of NGSP certification and CAP EQA criteria.
Eco-friendly tissue grossing table for laboratories
The special worktable is designed to ensure a pollution free, laboratory-grade working environment for slicing and preparing histological tissue samples. As a product of our ecoLINE range, this worktable has been designed to conserve energy and resources– while delivering outstanding extraction results.
Special Promotions
Automated, Label-Free Chemical Imaging of Colorectal Cancer
Researchers at the Ruhr University Bochum took a major step towards the clinical translation of label-free infrared chemical imaging. In a 110 patient feasibility study, the researchers identified new infrared biomarkers for colorectal cancer with a high degree of specificity and sensitivity.
Pathology Futures: The Role of Genomics in Disease Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention
To celebrate International Pathology Day, the Royal College of Pathologists partners with The Pathologist to explore laboratory professionals’ role in patient care and how research results help combat disease. The day features talks, a workshop by Sophia Genetics, and the popular International Pathology Day Roundtable. To register, please click below:
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