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Issue #0817
Top Articles
Finding the Freshman 15
Many undergraduates are familiar with the “freshman 15” – the weight gain that accompanies so many students’ first years away from home. A new blood biomarker may predict which young adults are at greatest risk of this phenomenon…
The Revolution Will Be 3D Printed
Not every laboratory can afford expensive equipment. Open-source labware like the FlyPi modular microscopy system makes outfitting the laboratory an affordable, customizable proposition.
The Endometrial Exome
Endometriosis is a poorly characterized condition, despite having been discovered nearly a century ago. New exome sequencing data takes a big step toward classifying the disease and one day better understanding it.
We asked, “What can help autopsy regain its stature?” and your opinions ran the gamut! Minimally invasive approaches, better understanding, assistance from radiology, and even more enthusiasm and education from pathologists! What do you think?
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Application Notes
Full STEAM Ahead for Routine Microscopy with Ergonomics at the Forefront
For clinical professionals carrying out routine microscopy, ergonomics should be a prime consideration. With the right combination of equipment, setup and customisation, routine microscopy can be done in a comfortable and stress-free position, improving productivity and preventing staff absence due to sickness.
Product Profiles
See how droplets are guiding precision medicine
Liquid biopsy promises a new level of precision in disease profiling and drug resistance monitoring. Is your lab using this tool to its full potential? See how a promising new technology lets you give clinicians insights that can guide personalized cancer treatments.
Vectra Polaris Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System
Introducing PerkinElmer’s NEW Vectra® Polaris™, a multimodal tissue imaging system designed to support quantification and analysis of tissue sections with multiple immunohistochemical stains. The system integrates high throughput, seven-color multispectral imaging with whole-slide scanning in a fast, rugged, and simple digital pathology workflow that detects multiple cell types, alongside their functional states and spatial distributions.
Photo Idylla system
Complete EGFR testing within 2,5 hours with less than 2 minutes hands-on time.

The IdyllaTM EGFR Test is the only on market fully automated CE-IVD test detecting all relevant EGFR mutations according to international guidelines.2
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Be it a large congress at a huge venue or an expert meeting that fits around a table, these events are a fantastic way to network and educate yourself on the latest developments in the laboratory medicine industry – so why not take a look at our list of upcoming events?