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Issue #0417
Top Articles
From Neurobiology to Prostate Cancer
There’s no cure for metastatic prostate cancer – and at the moment, there’s no way to predict it, either. A new understanding of the drebrin/EB3 pathway’s role in the disease may change that.
Care to Repeat That?
Why are there so many irreproducible experiments in today’s scientific literature? Ira Krull explains – and emphasizes the need for analytical method validation, better peer review, and grassroots action from researchers.
Clinical Metabolomics: Will It Deliver?
Martin Giera doesn’t think we’re taking the right approach to searching for new metabolomic biomarkers. To increase our chances of success, he says, look at the systems effects of metabolites.
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Video Application Notes
See how droplets are guiding precision medicine
Do you have the tools you need to support clinicians at decisive moments? Liquid biopsy promises a new level of precision in disease profiling and drug resistance monitoring. See how a promising new technology lets you use this method to its fullest potential to give clinicians insights that can guide personalized cancer treatments and save lives. This video featuring doctors and researchers at ONJCC outlines the adoption and clinical utility of Droplet Digital PCR.
Product Profiles
GrossPath GP-1500 – Eco-friendly grossing table for a pollutant-free working environment
With every breath, employees of a pathological laboratory run risk of taking up harmful substances such as gases, fumes or suspended particulates. For that reason we developed the GrossPath GP-1500 grossing table with a potassium permanganate filter, HEPA filter and a fan that does not require an exhaust air connection.
Olympus DP74 microscopy camera: Save Time with intelligent imaging
Olympus’ DP74 camera enables comfortable operation and saves time at the microscope. The DP74 camera combines 60 fps, high-quality imaging with intelligent features, such as Position Navigation, designed to facilitate everyday operations and push the boundaries of brightfield and fluorescence microscopy.
Upcoming Webinars
Laser Microdissection in Clinical Practice: Impact on KRAS/NRAS/EGFR Mutation Analysis and Personalized Cancer Treatment
In this webinar, Dr Klaus Hermann Wiedorn will explain how laser microdissection improves colorectal cancer treatment by allowing extraction of defined cell populations, improving sampling specificity. This yields better patient stratification, more effective targeted therapy, and ultimately, better outcomes.

23rd May 2017, 17:00 CET
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