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Issue #0717
Top Articles
Kallikrein Dream
Eleftherios Diamandis, an expert in clinical biochemistry and biomarker discovery, talks about his work in the field of kallikreins as tools for cancer screening in asymptomatic individuals, as well as his past – and future – career path.
Seeing the Light
Histopathology is a longstanding and powerful tradition in diagnostics. But it has its downsides, including time, effort and tissue destruction. Now, there’s a new kid on the block: light-sheet microscopy for “slide-free” histology.
What Lies Beneath
Optical coherence tomography is a well-explored tool for examining basic tissue structure, but it’s hampered by the inherent noise in its images. A new technique, speckle-modulated OCT, pioneers a way to remove that noise without compromising resolution.
Medical error in the laboratory is an issue worthy of discussion – but many mistakes occur before patient samples even reach the lab. Can pathologists influence the pre-laboratory phase? And if so, how? Click here to read on…
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Product Profiles
Get rid of the most common errors at collection point with ProTube
ProTube prevents pre-lab errors by ensuring full traceability of the biological sample from the Collection point. It allows the correct match of right patient with the right tubes, applies the right label and associate the right data for full sample traceability; the ideal device for assessing correctness of phlebotomists’ activity.
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