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Issue #0217
Top Articles
Subpar Screening
As many as one in six people may have genital herpes – but the disease doesn’t always present symptomatically. Should we screen asymptomatic individuals? Originally, the verdict was yes – but now, opinions are changing.
Secrets of Senescence
Cellular senescence is involved in a wide variety of physiological, and pathological, processes. Until now, we’ve had no good way of detecting it. Vassilis Gorgoulis introduces a new method using a pure analog of Sudan Black B.
Bad to the Bone
Treatment adherence is a problem that plagues doctors in every field. But often, there’s no way to tell whether or not patients are actually taking their medications. For osteoporosis, bone biomarkers PINP and CTX may reveal the truth.
We asked our Sitting Down With guest, Jerad Gardner, what he’d say to people who think pathology is a job for those who don’t like to communicate. His response was excellent – but so were all of yours! Check out our tweet and the replies here
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Product Profiles
See how droplets are guiding precision medicine
Do you have the tools you need to support clinicians at decisive moments? Liquid biopsy promises a new level of precision in disease profiling and drug resistance monitoring. See how a promising new technology lets you use this method to its fullest potential to give clinicians insights that can guide personalized cancer treatments and save lives.
Vectra® Polaris™ Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System
Introducing PerkinElmer’s NEW Vectra® Polaris™, a multimodal tissue imaging system designed to support quantification and analysis of tissue sections with multiple immunohistochemical stains. The system integrates high throughput, seven-color multispectral imaging with whole-slide scanning in a fast, rugged, and simple digital pathology workflow that detects multiple cell types, alongside their functional states and spatial distributions.
Humanity in Science Award 2017: Nominations Now Open
Calling all philanthropic scientists – nominations for the 2017 Humanity in Science Award are now open. The award – and prize money of $25,000 – will be presented to recognize a recent scientific breakthrough that can have a positive impact on people’s lives worldwide. The 2016 award recognized the "Development of a new paper and flexible material-based diagnostic biosensing platform that could be used to remotely detect and determine treatment options for HIV, E-coli, Staphylococcus aureas and other bacteria." Could the 2017 winner be you or someone you know?
Full details and conditions available.

Nominations close May 1st.
Exhibitor Highlights
World CDx Europe – The premier European precision medicine event
Returning for the 7th year, World CDx Europe is dedicated to helping pharma, biotech and academic professionals accelerate biomarker-based precision therapies and high value diagnostic assays to well defined patient populations.
The conference is boasting 38 speakers from 35 companies over 2 streams with a range of biomarker, drug and CDx development specialists.

29-30 March 2017, London, UK