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About Us


Editor – Fedra Pavlou fedra.pavlou@texerepublishing.com

Associate Editor – Michael Schubert  michael.schubert@texerepublishing.com

Content Director – Rich Whitworth   rich.whitworth@texerepublishing.com

Publisher - Mark Goodrich   mark.goodrich@texerepublishing.com

Head of Design - Marc Bird   marc.bird@texerepublishing.com 

Designer - Emily Strefford-Johnson   emily.johnson@texerepublishing.com

Junior Designer - Hannah Ennis   hannah.ennis@texerepublishing.com

Digital Team Lead –David Roberts   david.roberts@texerepublishing.com

Digital Producer Web/Email - Peter Bartley   peter.bartley@texerepublishing.com

Digital Producer Web/App - Aby Bradley   aby.bradley@texerepublishing.com

Digital Content Assistant - Lauren Torr   lauren.torr@texerepublishing.com

Audience Insight Manager - Tracey Nicholls   tracey.nicholls@texerepublishing.com

Traffic and Audience Associate - Lindsey Vickers   lindsey.vickers@texerepublishing.com

Traffic and Audience Associate - Jody Fryett   jody.fryett@texerepublishing.com

Social Media/Analytics Associate - Ben Holah   ben.holah@texerepublishing.com

Events and Office Administrator - Alice Daniels-Wright   alice.danielswright@texerepublishing.com

Financial Controller - Phil Dale   phil.dale@texerepublishing.com

Chief Executive Officer - Andy Davies   andy.davies@texerepublishing.com

Chief Operating Officer - Tracey Peers   tracey.peers@texerepublishing.com

Website, App Design & Programming - b:dreizehn GmbH   info@b13.de


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