Cuban Connections

Bridging a historic divide for the advancement of pathology

By Robin Stombler

January 2017

At a Glance

  • The Congress of the Cuban Division of the International Academy of Pathology in November 2016 welcomed, for the first time, an official US delegation
  • This “first” was spearheaded by the American Registry of Pathology (ARP) in an effort to cultivate medical education exchanges between the two countries
  • A previous attempt for visa entry into the restricted country had been denied, but perseverance paid off and a portion of the 2016 Congress program was delivered by the American delegation
  • This landmark occurrence has truly opened up the dialogue between these two countries and provided an important opportunity for mutual learning, sharing of knowledge and improved patient care

“While it is no easy task, it is my responsibility to update you on the development of our specialty in our country,”* explained Professor Israel Borrajero Martinez, President of the Organizing Committee of Patología 2016. A routine, even blasé, reporting for many medical leaders, this unveiling of the state of pathology in Cuba was remarkable and awe-inspiring. I was fortunate enough to be seated on the dais at the Palacio de Convenciones in Havana, Cuba when Borrajero spoke these words in November 2016.

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