Events 2017


The High Potent Medicines Conference

MarketsandMarkets is proud to announce The High Potent Medicines Conference to be held on 6th-7th June 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The conference aims to focus on sharing the current market trends, technological advancements and future challenges in the high potent medicines industry where the leading experts from the industry will discuss the strategies for both in-house manufacturing and outsourcing.

Tel: +91 20 30108 285 (ASIA)

6-7 June 2017, Berlin, Germany

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3rd Digital Pathology Congress: USA

The 3rd Digital Pathology Congress: USA will take place on 10-11 July 2017 at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel, Chicago. Free to attend, the congress has been specially designed for experts and will allow you to utilize digital pathology to its greatest potential.

10-11 July 2017, Chicago, USA

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In Vitro Diagnostics: Oncology and Infectious Diseases Conference USA

In Vitro Diagnostics: Infectious Diseases and Oncology Conference to be held on 13th-14th July 2017 in Philadelphia, USA aims to bring different stakeholders together from hospitals, laboratories academic institutes and IVD industry leaders to discuss about the emerging technologies and potential growth of molecular diagnostics and challenges faced in point-of-care testing.

Tel: +91 20 30108 270 (ASIA)

13-14 July 2017, Philadelphia, USA

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Pathology Horizons 2017

Annual and open CPD conference organised by Cirdan. This unique event will give you the chance to learn about new technologies, procedural developments and lines of development that are driving the future of pathology.

10-12 August 2017, Cairns, Australia

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29th European Congress of Pathology

The ECP will focus on the central role of pathology and its current clinical applications, translational research, near-future innovations and the longer perspectives of paradigm shifts. The motto of the congress – Pathology for Patient Care – highlights the added value of pathology science and discipline in providing care and improving health outcomes.

2-6 September 2017, Cairns, Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands‎

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MEDLAB Europe Exhibition & Congress 2017 – Barcelona, Spain

The launch edition of MEDLAB Europe will take place from 13 - 15 September 2017 at the Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain.

The MEDLAB series of events covers all areas laboratory management and diagnostics and provides a unique platform for the industry’s multi-level professionals to meet under one roof. After successful MEDLAB events around Africa, Asia and the Middle East, the natural development for the MEDLAB Series is to expand its presence into Europe with the launch of MEDLAB Europe.

MEDLAB Europe is a highly focused medical laboratory business platform. The show brings together the leaders in the laboratory industry at an event designed to create maximum interaction and meeting opportunities where manufacturers, dealers, distributors can promote their brands, meet potential customers and entertain existing clients.

The show includes an exhibition platform and conferences. MEDLAB Europe offers integral opportunities for the industry to showcase the latest lab management and diagnostics technologies to a worldwide audience, to advance their skills and improve lab services in today’s highly competitive market.

13-15 September 2017, Barcelona, Spain

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Digital Pathology: The Power of Pixels - Pathology Visions 2017

Pathology Visions, the Digital Pathology Association’s annual conference, delivers education and best practice purveyance while influencing industry standards and contributing to the advancement in the standards of patient care. Attendees have access to nearly 40 expert presenters, as well as the wealth of knowledge from thought leaders and pioneers in digital pathology.

1-3 October 2017, San Diego, CA, USA

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BioData World Congress 2017

Join 120+ speakers and 300 attendees at the leading event on big data in precision medicine.
Supported by Sanger Institute, EMBL- EBI, the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health and The Pistoia Alliance, BioData World Congress will break through obstacles to ensure the innovations in genomics get to the patient.

2-3 November 2017, San Diego, CA, USA

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