#MedEd Goes Social
06/07/2019 | Michael Schubert
The winners of the 2019 Educational Pathology Tweet Award share their views on the future of education in pathology and laboratory medicine.
The Integration Equation
04/08/2019 | W. Dean Wallace, Robert Suh
Pathologists and radiologists must work closely together to provide the best possible patient care
Balancing Benchtop and Bedside – and Ball Games
06/07/2019 | Michael Schubert
We sit down with Rick Mitchell to discover why he chose pathology and how he manages to pursue so many activities outside of the lab.
Preaching Beyond the Choir
06/05/2019 | Michael Schubert
For patients to understand and appreciate our special profession, we have to do more to increase its exposure to the public
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Product Profiles
At Agendia, we believe it’s our collective responsibility to deliver precision oncology

MammaPrint, the 70-gene assay, helps optimize treatment strategy, including reclassifying 46% of clinically high risk patients as MammaPrint low risk, enabling them to safely forego chemotherapy.
Read more

See how droplets are guiding precision medicine

Do you have the tools you need to support clinicians at decisive moments? See how a promising new technology can help. Read more

Cepheid’s molecular test delivers clear and fast biomarker results

Xpert® Breast Cancer STRAT4 simplifies the molecular detection of ER/PR/HER2/Ki-67 in FFPE sections and provides results in less than 2 hours. The easily interpreted results are more objective than IHC/FISH (1. CE-IVD. In Vitro Medical Device. Not available in all countries. Not available in the United States). Read more

Special Promotions
Lab management goes mobile — and offers 25% discount on accredited courses

Learning on the go is essential, and LabVine has launched the Lab Management Online course. It's accredited by PACE and Royal College of Pathologists and offers 25% discount today. Read more

ASCP 2019 Annual Meeting: The Essential Gathering of the Diagnostic Medical Team

ASCP 2019 Annual Meeting, September 11 - 13, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Learn how to navigate the challenging issues of today, enhance your career, and provide better patient outcomes—today and tomorrow.

Best-in-class clinical informatics for NGS variant assessment success: Alissa Interpret

NGS eSeminar attendees are focusing on variant assessment. Discover why Alissa Interpret is the solution of choice. DEMO Alissa Interpret’s workflow and READ how it is upleveling clinical-grade SOPs.

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