The analytical side of pathology is often overlooked in favor of intriguing images and tales from the gross room but, over the last year and a half, it has proven more important than ever. Read on to learn about how analytical science is battling SARS-CoV-2 through the medium of proteomics – and celebrate how far we’ve come!


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Get started on your way to insights now with this Innovative Solutions service package for Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™), explore the spatial distribution of cell types within the context of your tissue to gain insights into phenotypes, immune responses or disease mechanisms. Get results from 20 markers, 2 slides, 8 regions of interest and standard single-cell phenotypic analysis in less than 8 weeks. Learn more

A Season of Change
06/07/2021 | Michael Schubert
The world has shifted on its foundations – and it’s time that people recognized the laboratory’s role in keeping it turning
A Word from the Wise
06/06/2021 | Lauren Robertson, Jennifer Van Eyk, Maarten Dhaenens
Maarten Dhaenens and Jenny Van Eyk tell us about the value of mass spectrometry as a diagnostic tool and its impact beyond COVID-19 testing
Small Patients, Big Hearts
06/08/2021 | Olivia Gaskill
Genetic testing for pediatric cardiomyopathy is recommended, but uptake varies between practices – new research supports the need for routine testing
Weighing Viruses
06/06/2021 | Perdita Barran
How clinical mass spectrometry can be mobilized for large-scale COVID-19 diagnostics
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In the latest episode of the People of Pathology podcast, Carla Ellis shares her journey to pathology and the creation of the Society of Black Pathologists. Check out the episode here!

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Web Slide Portal for E-Learning, Live Conferences, Tele-Consultation

VMscope finalized the second renewed version of their web slide portal “Digital Slide Suite (DSS)”. The system covers e-learning functionality with courses, user management, questionnaires and more. DSS can also be configured for tele-consultation or live conferences on WSIs. Read more

Finding that biopsy clip is tedious. The Image Blender™ makes it easy.

The Image Blender™ from KUBTEC, enables you to process your patients’ gross specimens faster and with greater accuracy. Learn more about how we can help you reduce turnaround times in the gross room.

NovoPath’s cloud-based Laboratory Information System

NovoPaths’s cloud-based Anatomic Pathology LIS provides efficient resulting in Surgical, GYN, Cytology, Derm, Molecular, FISH, Cytogenetics Flow and Autopsy specimens. Solution offers flexible modules to assist automating workflow.
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KRAS G12C: The Mutation You Thought You Knew

KRAS G12C is one of the most common driver mutations in non-small cell lung cancer – and testing biomarkers like KRAS G12C is critical to managing lung cancer. Are you testing for this biomarker? Check out the top reasons this mutation matters.

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