Leading by Example
04/05/2019 | Michael Schubert
Bethany Williams shares her experiences as the world’s first Leadership and Management Fellow in Digital Pathology
Act Fast Against Infection
03/29/2019 | Matthieu Legrand
To confront the increasing problem of antimicrobial resistance in medicine, laboratorians and clinicians must pursue rapid diagnostics
Becoming Our Best Through Continuing Education
04/01/2019 | E. Blair Holladay
Constant updates to our knowledge are the key to staying at the top of our professional game
Circular RNA Makes Its Mark
04/05/2019 | Jason Sherburn
A new detection method enhances circular RNA’s potential as a cancer biomarker and forms the basis of a new database
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Product Profiles
High-performance molecular tumor profiling solution for difficult FFPE samples

Understanding the genetic makeup of tumor specimens can help to identify patients in more aggressive states of the disease. Paragon Genomics’ CleanPlex® OncoZoom® Cancer Hotspot Panel provides the highest coverage uniformity from FFPE samples, allowing efficient use of sequencing reads and accurate variant detection.

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Next-day assessment of hereditary cancer risk using a targeted NGS panel

New guidelines now recommend genetic testing to determine hereditary risk for all breast cancer patients. To ensure ease of use and reduce turn-around time in laboratory setting, Paragon Genomics offers CleanPlex® Hereditary Cancer Panel, an amplicon-based NGS assay that can be performed in just 3 hours, allowing next-day report generation.

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MarginMarker™ - The Global Standard for Tissue Orientation

Vector Surgical is the global leader in tissue orientation devices that provide the most accurate designation of excised tissue margins in cancer surgery. Discover MarginMarker, the sterile ink kit for use in the OR. MarginMarker allows surgeons to accurately and completely define each margin surface, contributing to lower cancer recurrence.

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Special Promotions
See how droplets are guiding precision medicine

Do you have the tools you need to support clinicians at decisive moments? Liquid biopsy promises a new level of precision in disease profiling and drug resistance monitoring. See how a promising new technology lets you use this method to its fullest potential to give clinicians insights that can guide personalized cancer treatments and save lives.

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Here’s How Top Clinical Labs Do Blood Collection Differently

It’s a new age of precise, patient-centered healthcare. More convenient blood collection is the missing link that can unlock the full potential of innovation. Download your comprehensive report and explore case studies, guidelines, and scientific resources to prepare for a smarter future.

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The future is now for NGS and pathology. Are you ready?

Join Agilent as we combine our Genomics Solutions with Dako Pathology on the new frontier of cancer pathology. Learn best wet-lab practices, basics of data analysis, and the impact of our clinical-grade draft reports on precision medicine.

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