An Inside Look at the CNS
04/03/2019 | Danielle Fortuna, Mark Curtis
Neurological disorders can be invasive and time-consuming to diagnose, but profiling cytokines in the cerebrospinal fluid can lessen that burden
What Do You Know About CQI?
05/03/2019 | Cate Wight
A new initiative, Continuous Quality Improvement Awareness Month, aims to help pathologists get on board with CQI
Game of Exosomes
05/03/2019 | Luke Turner
A lab-on-a-chip device that can detect exosomes from tumors in the blood could revolutionize early cancer diagnosis.
The Biggest Piece of the Puzzle
05/01/2019 | E. Blair Holladay
The big data we generate every day in the lab can lead to better and more efficient patient care
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Pathology Leadership in Biomarker Testing: The Preanalytical Phase

Join Bristol-Myers Squibb for this upcoming webinar. Learn about the practical considerations within the preanalytical phase and gain a clear understanding of areas where pathology may have influence. Register

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Third-party QC targeted at key clinical decision level for hsTn assays

Multichem® hsTn QC is targeted at very low concentrations for new high sensitivity assays on the market. It is a liquid, human based proprietary formulation and provides commutability with patients.
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MarginMarker™ - The Global Standard for Tissue Orientation

Vector Surgical is the global leader in tissue orientation devices that provide the most accurate designation of excised tissue margins in cancer surgery. Discover MarginMarker, the sterile ink kit for use in the OR. MarginMarker allows surgeons to accurately and completely define each margin surface, contributing to lower cancer recurrence. Read more

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Best-in-class clinical informatics for NGS variant assessment success: Alissa Interpret

NGS eSeminar attendees are focusing on variant assessment. Discover why Alissa Interpret is the solution of choice. DEMO Alissa Interpret’s workflow and READ how it is upleveling clinical-grade SOPs.

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