A Call for Color Calibration
02/26/2019 | Richard Salmon
Accurate color representation is vital for digital imaging in histopathology – but how can viewers ensure that colors are correct and consistent?
The Epigenomic Explorer
02/14/2019 | Joanna Cummings
We sit down with 2018 Biemann Medal winner Benjamin Garcia to discuss the value of mentorship and how it has shaped his research on histones
Achieving Excellence Requires a Multifaceted Approach
02/28/2019 | E. Blair Holladay
To advance laboratory science and medicine, we must focus equally on people, policies, and practices
One TINY Step at a Time
02/28/2019 | Michael Schubert
For regions with limited infrastructure, a device that can diagnose Kaposi’s sarcoma without the need for a steady power supply could be invaluable
Women in Pathology

It’s officially Women’s History Month – and we’re taking your questions for an all-female panel of experts who are poised to tackle the biggest career issues that women face in the lab. Is there a particular topic you want the panel to discuss? Get in touch via Twitter using #WomenInPath or email below and you could feature in an upcoming issue of The Pathologist!

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NTRK fusion testing in lung cancer – another reason to implement broad molecular profiling

With the emergence of a new class of targeted precision oncology therapies, NTRK fusions are increasingly becoming biomarkers that pathology laboratories can test for in FFPE tumor tissue. Although different testing options exist such as IHC or FISH, NGS seems to be the preferred choice based on new guidelines.

Applications Notes
In Pathology, Microscopy Camera Selection Matters – Here’s a Useful Guide

Confused by dynamic range, sensitivity, resolution, frame rate and signal-to-noise ratio? Or just looking for a refresher on camera specs? Then look no further. This guide on camera selection gives you in-depth, unbiased information that can help you choose the best camera for you.

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